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The Spiritual Significance of Snakes


The Spiritual Significance of Snakes

The spiritual significance of snakes alluded me the first time I dreamt of a snake. On the night of December 7, 2020, I had two dreams that consisted of three snakes rather than one. Now that I understand the spiritual significance of snakes, the fact that there were three snakes in this dream was exciting.

So, in these two dreams, I was in the bedroom of a home. I was standing on a bed and suddenly realized there was a rattlesnake on the bed too. Then, in a second dream, I was standing on top of a dresser and looking down at a snake on the bed. In a split second, I was looking down outside of the room and down a hallway. I was still able to see the bed with the snake on it. So, it was as if I was standing on the dresser and simultaneously able to see what was on the bed and down the hallway.

I noticed as I continued to look down the hallway that there were two additional rattlesnakes lining the hallway. Out of nowhere, a couple of teenagers came around the corner from another room. Knowing that they might be bitten, I warned them of the snakes. Once I warned them, they turned back in the direction from which they came. I knew within the dream there was a message but asked myself “what is the spiritual significance of snakes?”

Reflecting on the Dreams

I was aware within the dreams, that the snakes were symbolic. I have had dreams of snakes before. The spiritual significance of snakes had a specific meaning in my spiritual awakening. The word snake (Nachash) or Nichush in Hebrew (the Ancient Tongue originally) means divination. Nachash also meant brazen. It can also mean decisive, firm, and steadfast.

Neville Goddard gave a lecture titled “Brazen Impudence” so it’s interesting that a word for a snake in Hebrew means Brazen. Brazen Impudence means to be bold. If you have a desire, be bold and embody the state of having that desire. Be firm and steadfast, knowing that your desires are yours, even before you see them manifest in your current reality.

The number three (for the number of snakes) in Hebrew means divine wholeness, completeness, and perfection. Given the previous dreams, I have had about snakes, the spiritual significance of snakes represents my initially approaching the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Then, I was bitten by the snake, the spirit of God. After that, I saw the golden serpent as a foreshadowing of a kundalini awakening, of being lifted up in the Spirit. That brings us to now and the dreams of the three snakes.

Three, the fullness of time and completion. Three days is referenced in scripture when Jesus is in front of Pilate and tells him that he will destroy the temple (the body of man), then raise it up in three days. Scripture is all symbolism. Snakes and the spiritual significance of snakes are all symbolic. I do want to mention the revelation I received about warning the kids about the snakes. They turned back, as many people do when they hear the word of God. They don’t fully believe or die completely to their old self. I am an awakened soul and have had many dreams that correlate with scripture, just as Neville had, like William Blake, and others have had.

I always recommend keeping track of your mystical dreams and experiences. The patterns unfold and the symbolism reveals itself. The spiritual significance of snakes has revealed itself to me. The first snake dream was in 2009. Then I had a spiritual awakening in March of 2019 and had a second dream shortly thereafter where a snake bit me. Eight months later I saw the golden serpent, representing a Kundalini awakening. Twelve months later dreaming of three snakes, representing divination, completeness, and the fullness of time (awakening, manifestation). Finally, ten days I had another dream which was similar to the last, involving the three snakes.

So, it was a doubling of a dream, and scripture states that if a dream is doubled, it is fixed by God. The spiritual significance of snakes is about the Spirit, union, and awakening. If you dream of snakes, do not ignore the spiritual significance of snakes because it is a message.

If you would like to understand more about dreams and record your own in order to find the symbolism and patterns, check out the digital dream journals I currently have available for purchase and download. We have many messages come through in dreams, not just the spiritual significance of snakes. What patterns are unfolding in your dreams?


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