Manifestation Coaching 


Spiritual, life and manifesting Coaching is a transformative practice that helps people to awaken to their true nature. Many people find that coaching from the right spiritual teacher helps them to overcome personal challenges and achieve greater happiness in their lives. Speaking with a spiritual teacher can be helpful when navigation the many experiences that occur on the journey of awakening. Experiences include, ‘a dark night of the soul,’ ascension symptoms, developing a conscious creation (manifesting) lifestyle, mystical dreams, and so much more. 

The Journey of Awakening

The journey of awakening and ascension is a beautiful one.  However, we must go through the furnaces of affliction first. The journey can feel lonely at times when we feel misunderstood.  Not everyone around us understands the experiences we are having and it can be challenging to relate to others in this new ‘awakened’ reality. No matter where you are on your journey, having someone to speak, who has gone through similar experiences can help.  

Lynna has gone through the furnaces, overcoming anxiety and depression, to experience an awakening. She has and continues to experience ascension symptoms, mystical experiences, and divine revelations.  She is here to assist anyone who needs help navigating their own journey.

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