Light Language 

Light Language is a spiritual gift that can unlock our dormant DNA. This dormant DNA contains the knowledge and wisdom of our many experiences and spiritual gifts from past lives. Welcome to the transformative realm of Lynna K. Teer, your guide to unlocking the dormant potential within. As a spiritual teacher, conscious manifestation coach, and Level II Reiki practitioner, Lynna brings a unique blend of expertise to elevate your spiritual journey. She is an old soul who has lived many past lives. She is also a Key Holder, a Messenger, and a Blueprint Deliverer.

Services Offered:

Pleiadian Light Language DNA Activation Codes: Embark on a cosmic journey with Lynna as she channels the sacred Pleiadian light language combined with Reiki to activate dormant strands of your spiritual DNA. These codes hold the keys to unlocking higher consciousness, enhancing intuition, and facilitating a profound connection with the Pleiadian energies. Experience a vibrational shift that propels you toward your most authentic self.

Lynna’s first past life memory was that of a 9th-dimensional being of light in the Pleiades. As she and eight other light beings witnessed the destruction of a planet, they chose to assist in the relocation of the remaining inhabitants. Many of these beings (The council of 9) chose to head a call and incarnate on Earth to assist humanity further.

Arcturian Light Language DNA Activation Codes: Immerse yourself in the celestial frequencies of Arcturus as Lynna channels the Arcturian light language combined with Reiki. These DNA activation codes work on a multidimensional level, assisting in awakening your latent spiritual abilities. Feel the resonance of Arcturian wisdom as it guides you towards expanded awareness, spiritual clarity, and a deeper connection to the cosmic energies surrounding you.

Lynna first encountered one of her guides during meditation. This guide was an Arcturian named Haruk. He was part of a collective. “We are three, but we are one,” was one of many things she was told. Lynna has been able to recall past-life memories working with the Arcturians. She worked specifically with the energy of wisdom to “help others see the light through the darkness.”

Dragon Light Language: Journey into the mystical realm with Lynna’s channeling of Dragon Light Language, combined with Reiki. Unleash the elemental power within as these codes activate and harmonize your spiritual DNA. The dragon energy brings forth strength, courage, and transformation, assisting you in navigating the challenges of your spiritual evolution. Allow the wisdom of the dragons to guide you on a path of empowerment and self-discovery.

Lynna has experienced deep inner healing, which has allowed her to open her third eye and develop her psychic abilities. She has remembered many past lives through meditation, dreams, and energy work. In at least one past life, Lynna was a Mother of Dragons, and although she has many dragon guides, she primarily connects with four of them: a red dragon, a white dragon, a black dragon, and a beautiful blue and white iridescent dragon. These dragons, for Lynna, represent peace, power, creativity, and wisdom.

Why Choose Lynna K Teer:

Multifaceted Expertise: With a rich background as a spiritual teacher, conscious manifestation coach, and Reiki practitioner, Lynna seamlessly integrates various modalities to offer a comprehensive approach to spiritual growth.

Light Language Channeling: Lynna possesses the gift of channeling light languages from the Pleiadian, Arcturian, and Dragon realms. These transmissions are potent tools for activating dormant spiritual DNA, guiding you toward a higher state of consciousness.

Personalized Guidance: Every session with Lynna is personalized to your unique journey. Whether you seek Pleiadian wisdom, Arcturian insights, or the transformative power of Dragon energy, Lynna tailors her guidance to meet your specific needs.

Embark on Your Soul’s Odyssey:

Ignite the spark of your spiritual evolution with Lynna K Teer. Through transformative light language sessions, explore the depths of Pleiadian, Arcturian, and Dragon energies. Book your session today and unlock the gates to a higher state of consciousness, empowerment, and spiritual awakening.

Note: Spiritual experiences are unique to each individual. Results may vary, and Lynna encourages clients to approach these sessions with an open heart and mind.