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Contact Lynna K Teer for special inquiries. Lynna K Teer is available for YouTube collaborations, Podcast guest episodes, speaking engagements, and more. Guest blogger submissions are accepted for the Journey of Awakening blog.  However, blog posts submissions must be in the category of mystical dreams and experiences.  If you have had mystical dreams or experiences, Lynna K Teer would be happy to share the experiences of others on her blog.

Requests for link sharing of mental health related topics on the Resource page of the Lynna K Teer site will not be consider. Submissions request for links related to spiritual awakening and practices are welcome. Please complete the Contact Form below to reach Lynna K Teer.


YouTube and Podcasts

Lynna K Teer is available to collaborations on the topics of manifesting, spiritual awakening, mystical experiences, and discussions on scripture.

Speaking Engagements

Lynna K Teer is available to small speaking engagements. Topics Lynna speaks on are the following:

  • Overcoming anxiety and depression
  • Mindset and Self-Concept
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Manifesting
  • Dreams and Dream Symbolism
  • Interpretation of Scripture

Link Submissions

Requests for link sharing are reviewed prior to posting to the resource page on the Lynna K Teer website.  The sharing of links must be beneficial to both parties and individuals accessing the information. Product link submissions will not be approved unless the product has been used or tested by Lynna K Teer and personally approved. Product link submissions may include things like spiritual books, products used for meditation, and journals.

Mental health link submissions must have a spiritual aspect to them.  Example: Meditations for anxiety and depression. Shamanic and wellness retreats, Energy healers, etc.

Spiritual Advice and Coaching

To contact Lynna K Teer about spiritual advice and coaching, please book a free 30-minute discovery call. Lynna is available to assist individuals on developing a healthy mindset and self-concept, understand their spiritual journey, and understand the hidden meaning of dreams and scripture.