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The Conscious Manifestation Guide

Discover the transformative power of the conscious manifesting with our 70-page Conscious Manifesting Guide. This comprehensive guide offers clear instructions on various techniques and affirmations designed to help you harness your inner potential and bring your deepest desires to life. Whether you're new to manifesting or seeking to deepen your practice, this guide provides practical steps and powerful affirmations to align your thoughts and actions with your goals. Unlock the secrets to creating the life you envision and step confidently into a future filled with abundance, joy, and fulfillment. This is a digital download. Hard copies are not yet available.    Price: $11.11

The Conscious Manifestation Journal

Enhance your manifesting journey with our 200-page Conscious Manifesting Journal, the perfect companion to the Conscious Manifesting Guide. This beautifully designed journal features thoughtful prompts to inspire self-reflection and plenty of space for daily journaling. At the back, enjoy a collection of fun activities to spark creativity and deepen your manifesting practice. With this journal, you'll cultivate a consistent and mindful approach to achieving your dreams, making every step of your journey both meaningful and enjoyable. Price: $12.12  

The Dream Journal

Capture the magic of your nightly adventures with The Dream Journal. This 100-page journal provides valuable insights into the world of dreams and ample space to record your dreams in detail. With dedicated sections for reflection and interpretation, you can uncover deeper meanings and patterns within your dreams. Perfect for dream enthusiasts and those looking to explore their subconscious mind, The Dream Journal is your gateway to understanding and harnessing the power of your dreams. Price: $10.10

Bundle and Save

Bundle and Save on The Conscious Manifesting Guide & Journal

Unlock your full manifesting potential with our exclusive Bundle and Save offer, featuring both the Conscious Manifesting Guide and the Conscious Manifesting Journal. This powerful duo provides you with 270 pages of essential techniques and affirmations from the guide, coupled with 200 pages of reflective journal prompts and fun activities. Seamlessly integrate these tools into your daily routine to amplify your manifesting practice and achieve your dreams with greater clarity and focus. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your journey and save while doing so! Price: $18.18

Bundle and Save on The Conscious Manifesting Guide & Journal

Maximize your journey of self-discovery and manifestation with our Bundle and Save offer, featuring The Dream Journal, The Conscious Manifesting Guide, and The Conscious Manifesting Journal. With over 270 pages combined, this comprehensive bundle provides everything you need to explore your dreams, master manifesting techniques, and reflect on your progress. Record and interpret your dreams, learn powerful affirmations, and enjoy guided prompts and activities for daily journaling. Elevate your practice and save with this ultimate trio, designed to help you unlock your fullest potential and achieve your deepest desires. Price: $28.28