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A Dream About Snakes

A Dream About Snakes

I had a dream about snakes on the night of November 2019. In this dream about snakes, I was bitten by a small brown snake with white spots. I was helping my father work on a vehicle in our yard. The location of the scene was similar to a combination of two different places where I grew up.  The house in the dream was one I grew up in as a toddler. However, the house is located on land that I grew up on while in Middle School.

As I was helping my father work on his car, I reached into the back seat for something. As I did, a snake bit me. The snake had been hiding in the crevice of the seat and when I reached my hand into the back seat, it poked his head out and bit me. I remember sensing in the dream that the snake was poisonous. However, I wasn’t afraid of the snake.

There was an individual, a family member, standing on the porch of the house. They were ready to call the paramedics, but I was certain I would be fine. After a brief period of time, we realized that I was, in fact, fine. The poisonous bite had no ill effect on me. The dream about snakes ended when we decided not to call the paramedics.

Reflecting on the Dream

I contemplated the dream about snakes the following morning. I concluded that the snake represented trust, knowledge, and wisdom. I thought about the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Growing up the serpent represented evil and eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was a sin. However, since I awakened, I have a new understanding of what is written in scripture. Eating from the tree is symbolic of the lifting of the veil, the third eye-opening, and seeing the truth of who we are.

The snake, hiding in the crevice of the backseat represents the veil that hides the mind of Christ hidden in man, until awakened. The poison represents what we have been taught to believe but once bitten, the truth of the Word of God is revealed.  We trust in the mind of Christ rather than what we have been taught to believe through our external senses.

I was not sure what a dream about snakes meant so I did some research. I wanted to know what the snake represents, and what the symbolism was for snakes in dreams. The definitions that made the most sense to me are as follows:

·         Creative Life Force

·         Rebirth, transformation, and healing

·         In Hebrew, it is associated with fertility, life, healing, and divination (the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means).

These definitions coincide with my understanding of awakening, and manifestation. I know that I am a creative life force, created in the image of God (source). Awakening and dying to the old self is a rebirth. It is a transformation, and that transformation occurs through healing. It is a process. A dream about snakes has spiritual significance. Have you ever had a dream about snakes?

A Previous Dream

This was not the first time I experienced a dream about snakes. Years ago, when my youngest daughter was about five years old, she was dealing with a lot of anxiety. We were attending a church at the time, and I believed that snakes represented the devil. In a dream one night, I saw my daughter standing in front of a large tree; the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. There was a coiled snake in front of her. As I approached, the snake began to uncoil and looked at me, as if preventing me from getting to my daughter.

At the time I thought that the dream about snakes was telling me that Satan (doubt, the deceiver) was trying to prevent me from rescuing my daughter. I’ll be honest, the dream scared me. I now realize that my daughter reflected my inner child. The snake was protecting me.

Have you ever had a dream about snakes and what did it mean to you? Don’t be afraid as I initially was. A dream about snakes may represent your spiritual awakening, a rebirth.


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