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Lion Dreams


Lion Dreams

Lion dreams are a pattern. This post is about my second lion dream which I had in December of 2019. The scenario in this lion dream was completely different than the first one. This time I was driving along a winding mountain road and came upon a roadblock. It was clear to me that there was nowhere to go. So, I got out of my car and started to walk back towards the direction I came from.

As I was walking, I noticed that there was a guardrail along on along the side of the road. Therefore, I felt safe walking behind the guardrail. Eventually I entered a car tunnel, and, in an instant, I noticed two lions walking along steel beams above me.

At first, I felt nervous, but then a feeling of calm came over me. I understood that they were watching over me, protecting me. Then the car tunnel turned into what looked like a parking garage, and the dream ended.

Death and Awakening

When I woke up, I started contemplating the meaning of the dream. I am familiar with the Book of Daniel in the Bible, so I began to read scripture. Although dreams are mentioned in the Bible and lions are mentioned throughout scripture, having a lion dream specifically is not.

The verse from Daniel 12:2 “Resurrection of the Dead” stuck out to me. In the first lion dream I mentioned, which was myself, being devoured by a lion. I was consumed by the lion, the power and wisdom of God. The old man dies, and the new man is awakened from a profound sleep. It is a sleep so profound it is like death.

I found an interesting correlation between my dream and Neville Goddard’s’ lecture titled “The Art of Dying.” I feel this inner knowing that both this dream and my first lion dream are in some way referencing death to my old self. Being consumed by the power and wisdom of God and awakening.

Dreams and Visions

In addition to the first and second lion dreams, there was a third one and a vision. The symbolism is the same throughout but there is a progression. What is interesting is that the pattern is similar to the one I found in my dreams involving snakes. I have had three dreams and a vision involving snakes and three dreams and a vision involving lions. There are patterns in many of my dreams actually.

To be honest, I never understood the spiritual significance of the lion in scripture. Prior to awakening, I did not know that Jesus Christ was not a man. So, being the lion of Judah made no sense. Now, I understand the symbolism in this lion dream and the others. The lion is the symbol of the power and wisdom of God. That power and wisdom is personified by the state called Jesus Christ. Jesus is not a man but a state of consciousness.

Neville Goddard told us through his lectures that scripture unfolds within us. I never once doubted him, but I hadn’t had a chance until now to look at the patterns of my dreams. Many of my dreams have been doubled. Many of my dreams have contained clear symbolism, like the dream I had of hearing God speak to me in the cave. I knew that dream correlated with Moses going up to Mt. Sinai. There have been many others. This lion dream and the others, as well as the vision I had of a rising lion, are powerful dreams and represent where I am at on this journey of awakening.


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