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The Golden Serpent

The Golden Serpent

The golden serpent appeared in a vision on the night of March 8, 2020. As I
closed my eyes to go to sleep, the golden serpent raised its head. The
serpent’s body was coiled up but its head was raised. I immediately felt a
feeling of excitement because of what the serpent symbolizes and its spiritual
significance on my journey of awakening.

Neville Goddard spoke of an experience he had in his lecture titled
“Revelation of Purpose.” He explained that his body, which he described as
being the cross he wore through the centuries (many lives), was lifted up. His
body was lifted up and split in two from top to bottom. As his body split in
tow, he saw a pool of golden, liquid pulsing light. He immediately knew that
the light was himself and he fused with it. Then, he said, like a fiery serpent
he ascended his spine into his skull (the kingdom of heaven). Neville became
the golden serpent and his experience, today, might be described as a Kundalini

The golden serpent, described as a fiery serpent is also mentioned in the
bible. The 21st chapter of Numbers tells us: “The Lord God said to Moses, Make
a fiery serpent and set him on a pole and it shall come to pass that everyone
who is bitten when he looks upon it, shall live.”

Reflecting on the Dream

The verse in the 21st chapter of Numbers is full of symbolism. The pole
represents the spine and our spine represents DNA, the strands of our DNA that
look like a spiral. Our Akash is stored in our DNA and contains every
experience we have ever had, in this lifetime and previous incarnations. The
Akash is called the Book of Life in scripture.

Moses represents the state of consciousness that man embodies. The state
where man begins to exercise his imagination to manifest his desires. The
golden liquid light that Neville mentioned is the color of the energy of the
solar plexus chakra. This chakra governs the personality, ego, and identity.
Finally, the serpent symbolizes a creative life force, rebirth, and
transformation. One who is bitten by the serpent awakens and ascends, leaving
the wheel of life (human form) and living forever in eternity (the soul).
In Neville’s vision and in the Book of Numbers, the symbolism reveals that the
ego and the spirit merge. As they merge, the individual ascends into the
kingdom of heaven, which is a higher dimension, a higher state of

This particular vision of the golden serpent is significant because it shows a
progression in my spiritual journey. There is a message to this vision of the
golden serpent, which I believe is an adumbration. It is a foreshadowing of my
own kundalini awakening.

A Previous Dream

Prior to this vision of the golden serpent, I had two previous dreams
involving snakes. In the first dream, I had not yet awakened. I was still in
the church and believed in the secular version of what is taught about
scripture. I dreamt of a serpent coiled in front of a little girl, who looked
like my daughter, but was actually me. The child was standing in front of a
tree; the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

In the second dream, which occurred four months prior to this vision, I
dreamt that I was bitten by a snake. It is no coincidence that the dream of
being bitten coincides with the 21st chapter of the Book of Numbers, as
mentioned above. “The Lord God said to Moses, Make a fiery serpent and set him
on a pole and it shall come to pass that everyone who is bitten when he looks
upon it, shall live.”

There is a pattern, and it is the reason that I recommend writing down your dreams, visions, and mystical experiences.


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