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I AM and The Mystical Cave

I AM and The Mystical Cave

I AM was spoken in a loud, commanding voice, reverberating throughout the cave. The date was November 13, 2019. I was standing alone in a cave. I heard a loud, commanding male voice say, “Do you want to see the I (eye)?” Then I heard a group of people chanting in unison “I, I, I.” The sound of the voice was powerful. Although I knew that I was dreaming, I knew that the dream was significant. God “the I AM” was speaking to me.

Suddenly I saw a large crowd of people standing in the cave. I could not make out the individuals because they all looked the same, with the exception that I knew there were both males and females. I also noticed one individual standing in front of the crowd facing one of the cave walls. I had a feeling (a knowing) that the individual was myself.

As I had this realization, the inside of the cave behind me started to morph and a giant eye appeared as part of the wall of the cave. Interestingly, as the cave morphed from hard rock, into an eye, I was aware of everything around me at once. The people chanting, the eye appearing, and myself standing in front of the eye.

God Speaks

A loud male voice asked the crowd, “leave him or swallow him?”  Referring to the individual standing in front of the eye, which was me. The crowd chanted, “swallow him” and the large eye in the wall of the cave blinked and swallowed me. As I was swallowed, I realized that everyone in the crowd was a version of me.

I then realized that I was now standing alone in the cave. When I turned around to look behind me, all of the crevices in the cave wall became a beautiful indigo color, which is the color associated with the third-eye chakra. Then, in a loud, very authoritative male voice, I heard, “I AM.” I heard but I also felt God speaking to me. Although I was dreaming, I immediately thought of Moses, as he went up to Mt. Sinai, saw the burning bush, and heard the word of God. I knew that what I was experiencing was profound.

States of Consciousness

When I awoke, it took me a moment to process what I had just experienced. I was excited and could not help but smile. Then I felt the feeling of immense peace and happiness in knowing that “I AM.” I AM a divine being, made in the image of God (Source, the Elohim). I AM infinite love. I AM anything that I claim myself to be. The dream was so vivid and evoked such a strong emotion within me that it is an experience I will never forget. I have heard God speak to me before from within as well as externally. However, it has never been in such an authoritative voice as in this unforgettable dream.

Later in the day, I had a revelation. Every individual in the cave represented a version of me in different states of consciousness. We play many parts in this sleep of death until we awaken. In that state of sleep, we embody unwanted states of consciousness, as well as desired states. The voice of God speaking to me in the dream confirmed the power that is within me. That power is recognized as the third eye opens and the veil is lifted. It confirmed all of the experiences I have had to date since awakening.


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