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The True Meaning of Exodus

The Meaning of Exodus

The meaning of Exodus, as told in the Bible, is full of symbolism. It is the mystical language of the ancient storytellers. I have written about my experience waking up to the sound of bells, with the key to understanding the experience being found in the Book of Exodus. The reason this is significant is that a lot of my dreams and experiences correlate to scripture, just like Neville Goddard and many others.

I talked about the symbolism of the bells in ‘The Sound of Bells.’ So, what do Moses and Aaron have to do with hearing the sound of bells and the meaning of Exodus? Well, Aaron was the one who wore the robe in Exodus. Aaron was the brother of Moses and functioned as his mouth. Aaron was the one who told Pharaoh to let the people of Israel go. Egypt represents bondage.

Now, there are a couple of things I want to point out. First of all, Moses and Aaron were not actual individuals. They represent states of consciousness. The meaning of Exodus is liberation from the state of Aaron and moving into the state of Moses.

When it comes to understanding manifesting, there is a direct correlation with scripture. It is called ‘The Law.’ More information can be found in Neville Goddard’s book ‘The Law and the Promise.’  So, Moses means to draw out, to rescue, and to lift out. This state of consciousness is the personification of the power in man that can draw out of the man what he seeks. 

States of Consciousness

Aaron was Moses’ brother who was three years older than Moses. Three is the numerical symbol of expression; meaning I am fully conscious of my expression. We see the number three again in the number of years that Moses lived. He lived a total of 120. When you add the numbers together, they equal three. When it comes to Moses, you are in that state when you have a desire, can go within your imagination, and draw out that desire. Aaron represents the man who only sees the evidence of his senses, the external world.

In the beginning, Moses and Aaron were equal. However, Aaron became nothing more than a shadow at Moses’ side. Aaron died at the age of 123. When you add these numbers together, it equals six. Six represents Adam, idols, relationships, and judgment according to Hebrew. Adam is the personification of man in a profound state of sleep. When you awake, the veil is lifted. You enter the state personified as Moses and begin to exercise your imagination to manifest your desires.

Liberation from Bondage

The meaning of Exodus is about liberation from bondage Egypt). Bondage is the furnaces of the affliction we endure in this life before we awake. It is the limited beliefs and systems we become bound to, not knowing that we are in bondage. If you know the story, you know that Moses was the one who went to Mt. Sinai and saw God (I AM).

Aaron was the one who made the Golden Calf (an idol). Aaron was allowed to enter the Holy of Holies (the mind of man), the most sacred part of the tabernacle (the body). We moved through the state of Aaron into the state of Moses as we awake. This is the meaning of Exodus.

I have had many dreams and experiences that correlate with scripture. In one of the most profound dreams I had, I stood in a cave and I heard the voice of God, ‘I AM.’  

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