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The Causal Plane

The Causal Plane

The Causal Plane holds the Akashic Records (The Book of Life). When we move into this plane of existence, often in sleep or deep meditation, we are able to access intellectual lessons regarding the structure of the universe. We can also access information about our previous incarnations. On the causal plane, we may teach astral beings in order to assist them in their emotional lessons. We learn to operate as a single consciousness as we begin to sense our relationship with other beings. The causal plane can be recognized by the sounds that distinguish it, the sound of bells and ringing.

I only recently found out about the causal plane. The information I found helped me to make sense of why I have so often been woken up by the sound of a doorbell. Or, heard ringing in the mornings immediately upon waking. The information also helped to corroborate my understanding of my previous incarnations (lives) and karmic debt. I was watching Gaia and came across a show titled “Beyond Belief.”  I wasn’t searching for anything in particular, but this particular episode was titled “Clearing Karmic Debt.”

The Sound of Bells

Now, for those of you who follow my channel, especially my videos on mystical experiences You know that quite often I hear the sound of bells. I wake up to the sound of doorbells and other types of ringing quite often. I recently learned that I am clairaudient. I hear tones and sounds throughout the day. Most often I hear the sounds in my right ear but occasionally I hear them in my left. I believe, that in a certain vibrational frequency (state of consciousness), I may be accessing the causal plane in my waking state. However, these beautiful tones and frequencies may be angelic sounds from other dimensions or other beings coming through.

There are different planes within each dimension. The causal plane is a fifth-dimensional plane of existence. Again, it holds the Akashic records which are known in the Bible as The Book of Life. The causal plane is the smallest of the planes. I am often in my causal body which is between the physical body and the astral body. I have incredible mystical dreams and experiences, and I have been through past life regression in meditation. It is fascinating to be able to fit the pieces of the puzzle together; the dreams, previous incarnations, experiences such as the ringing, and so much more.

Planes and Dimensions

In addition to the causal plane, which is one of the three ordinal planes, there is the Neutral plane and the exalted plane which consists of the mental, messianic, and Buddhaic planes. I believe the planes may be called by different names depending on the culture and teachings. As far as dimensions, I have heard that there are ten, eleven, and twelve dimensions. Based on my experiences, I do not know the exact answer. I have had telepathic communication with ninth-dimensional beings while meditating so I cannot attest to the higher dimensions. Although, I believe that they exist.

For additional information about the causal plane or other planes and dimensions, I would recommend checking out the Michael Educational Foundation or Initiation, A Journey to the Origin of the Universe.


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