June 29

You Cannot Serve Two Masters: Aligning Consciousness for Manifestation


You Cannot Serve Two Masters

In the book of Matthew, a profound statement resonates: “You cannot serve two masters.” It specifically mentions that one cannot serve both God and money. Neville Goddard further expounds on this concept, emphasizing that occupying opposing states of consciousness simultaneously hinders our progress. For instance, if your desire is to attain wealth, yet you continuously worry about your bank account and stress over bills, you are conflicting with your desired state of consciousness.

To embody the desired state of consciousness, persistence is key. Whether through affirmations, scripting, or other conscious manifesting techniques, consistent effort is necessary. If you find yourself faltering during the day, slipping back into a state of lack or opposing consciousness, it is vital to pause and redirect your thoughts toward alignment with your desired state of consciousness. It takes persistence but when you know what you want, persistence is easier.

While the process may not yield instant results, maintaining persistence and regularly realigning your thoughts and beliefs is essential. Gradually, it will become easier and more natural, instilling confidence as your new state of consciousness aligns with your desires. Remember, there is no need to berate yourself for momentary lapses. Simply refocus your thoughts to ensure they are consistent with the state of consciousness you wish to inhabit. Over time, this new state of consciousness will become your default and dominant perspective, surpassing the state of lacking your desires.

As you gain confidence and cultivate a sense of knowing that you can effect change, being in the desired state of consciousness will become increasingly effortless. Who wouldn’t desire a state of relaxed confidence where their desires manifest effortlessly? Reflecting on my own journey, the difference in peace and confidence I experience now compared to eight months ago is significant. Persistence truly remains the key. Boldness in knowing what I want and not settling is also important. I’ve come too far now to settle for less that what I desire to experience in life.

Once you find that assurance and realize that it becomes easier with time, you will expand your manifestation abilities. Hence, it is crucial to remember that you cannot serve two masters. You cannot simultaneously inhabit a state of consciousness that aligns with your desires while fixating on the opposite. Reflect upon this and make a conscious decision regarding what you truly desire. Then, diligently work on reshaping your thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions throughout the day. Eventually, the state of consciousness that reflects your desires will become your innate and prevailing state.

Rest assured, with persistence, you will reach your desired state of consciousness. Do not fret or doubt, but rather remain steadfast on your journey. Be persistent, embrace the understanding that you cannot serve two masters, and diligently work on aligning your consciousness. Your desired state of being and manifestation will become your reality. Trust the process and maintain your unwavering persistence. Remember that you cannot serve two masters so work on mastering unwaivering faith.


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