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Birds Before Land: Getting Back to the Basics of Manifestation


Birds Before Land

When it comes to manifestation, let’s clear up any confusion about birds before land and get back to the basics. It’s important to understand that the fundamentals of manifesting have nothing to do with specific techniques or methods. The essence of manifestation boils down to three key elements: You, Your Belief, and Your Awareness.

To illustrate this concept, let’s explore the phrase “Birds Before Land.” This phrase originates from sailing terminology, particularly the experiences of explorers venturing into uncharted territories. Imagine being an explorer at sea for weeks or even months, unsure if you’re heading in the right direction. One of the telltale signs that land is nearby is the sighting of driftwood floating in the water or birds circling in the sky. Birds, being creatures that cannot stray too far from land, indicate proximity to the desired destination.

It’s worth addressing a misconception I came across on Reddit, where someone claimed that “Birds Before Land” was a biblical reference associated with Neville Goddard’s teachings on the Ark and the Flood. However, this is incorrect. When Neville Goddard spoke of the flood, he referred to the idea that “facts overflow the world.” We often find ourselves inundated by the facts of life, represented symbolically as stones in scripture. On the other hand, water symbolizes psychological truth. Therefore, the flood represents the triumph of psychological truth, God’s word, and imagination over the literal facts of our three-dimensional reality.

“The flood is still upon us,” Neville Goddard remarked. This means that man is still overwhelmed by the facts of life. The Ark, with its three decks, represents different aspects of this experience: the facts of life, the psychological interpretation of those facts, and the spiritual consummation of the story.

Moving on to the concept of “Dry Land” as something objective, we find that the dove is a symbol of the people of Israel, which translates to “Man after God’s own heart.” The olive leaf carried by the dove represents God’s plan of salvation.

It’s important to note that signs follow—they do not precede. When manifesting, you may encounter what you believe to be signs along the way. However, these signs are manifestations in and of themselves and do not necessarily indicate the fulfillment of your desired manifestation. There are instances where things may seem to fall apart before the desired outcome materializes. Unfortunately, many people do not recognize chaos as a sign of their manifestations. It’s crucial to understand that when we witness movement, it is simply that—movement. It is not the manifestation itself. While we can manifest and observe movement, it does not signify the fulfillment of our desired manifestation.

Nevertheless, everything is subjective. Your beliefs hold validity since they directly influence your thoughts, feelings, and convictions. However, it is essential to focus on the manifestation itself rather than becoming fixated on signs that may distract you. The manifestation will come to fruition, and only then will you witness the signs that confirm its realization. By maintaining awareness of your thoughts and actions, you can objectively analyze the events that unfold and observe how the universe orchestrates unexpected circumstances to align with your manifestation, ultimately transforming it into an objective fact.

So, as you embark on your manifestation journey, remember to embrace the basics: You, Your Belief, and Your Awareness. By staying grounded in these foundational elements, you can navigate the process with clarity and purpose, leading to the fulfillment of your desires.

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