April 22

The Ten Commandments: Dreams and Mystical Experiences

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The Ten Commandments, The Lists, and “The Law”

The Ten Commandments were the Laws given in the Old Testament. On the evening of November 20, 2020, my sleep was filled with a series of dreams that profoundly impacted my thoughts and feelings. As I ventured into the realm of sleep, a familiar thumping sensation emerged on the right side of my head, a sensation I’ve come to recognize. However, this night introduced a novel experience—a peculiar sensation on my left side, reminiscent of a chiseling sound from within my skull, marking the beginning of an unusual dream journey.

Within the tapestry of these dreams, I encountered a sequence of events that seemed to intertwine with the concept of the Ten Commandments, or “The Law” from the Old Testament. However, the instruction appeared symbolically. In one dream, a woman meticulously cutting squares and inadvertently transforming them into strips of paper in one dream captured my attention. This scene shifted into a younger girl preparing to play a game with these paper strips, hinting at an underlying dissonance or challenge she faced. [ Perhaps symbolically obeying “the law”].

Transitioning to another scene, I found myself amidst a festive holiday dinner setting, where the need for additional items sparked the creation of a shopping list. This list, intriguingly tied to the lyrics of a playing song, underscored the dreams’ recurring theme of the lists as symbolic messengers.

The Dreams’ Deeper Meanings

Upon waking and reflecting on these visions, the lists—especially the one resembling two stone tablets—evoked imagery of significant, foundational texts like the Ten Commandments, suggesting themes of guidelines, principles, or perhaps a path to follow. The dreams’ vividness and the peculiar sensations experienced during the night prompted a deeper contemplation of their significance, blending the realms of the subconscious with symbolic interpretations rooted in our waking life.

These dreams, rich with symbolism and enigmatic elements, invited me to explore the deeper meaning. How did the symbolism coincide with my awakening journey? Whether as bearers of order, messengers of deep-seated emotions, or symbolic representations of life’s complexities, the concept of the lists representing the Ten Commandments transcends mere organization. It becomes a medium through which my dreams communicate nuanced messages waiting to be deciphered.

Symbolism and Documenting Dreams

For those intrigued by the symbolism embedded within their dreams and the mysterious ways our subconscious communicates with us, documenting and analyzing these nocturnal narratives can be enlightening. Dreams offer a unique lens through which we can explore our innermost thoughts, fears, and desires, with lists serving as a symbolic motif that can reveal deeper meanings and insights.

As we navigate the intricate pathways of our subconscious through our dreams, paying attention to recurring symbols such as lists can unlock personal revelations and guide us toward a better understanding of ourselves and the mystical messages our dreams convey. Whether through a dream journal or traditional pen and paper, recording and reflecting on these dreams can be a profound step to self-discovery and personal growth.

Authors Note: I often revisit my journals and blog posts and receive new insight into the symbolism within my dreams. The additional insight I received today, April 11, 2024, is that the holiday dinner I attended in the second dream represented the Passover. Symbolically, the Passover represents a mystical, psychological transformation. So, the dream foreshadowed what I would be experiencing in the coming years. I have indeed experienced a mystical, psychological transformation.

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