August 8

Prologue – The Book of Revelation


The Prologue in the Book of Revelation begins: “The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, who testifies to everything he saw, that is, the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it because the time is near.”

Blessed are those who read aloud the words of this prophecy and those who hear it and take heart.  This means that the time for you to awaken is near.

The Symbolism

The revelation of a man who embodies the state personified as Jesus Christ, one who knows and exercises power and wisdom of God. God is the Elohim, multi-dimensional beings of love and light, all fragmented from one source, which we call God. An angel is a messenger of God and was sent to John, who shared what he received through vision. John is the state of consciousness in which we restrict ourselves, thinking it is by restricting ourselves from things like alcohol, sex, certain foods, etc., that we enter into the kingdom of heaven.

The entire Book of Revelation tells a story of awakening.

This story was foretold in the Old Testament and played out in the New Testament. In this greetings and doxology, John shares what happens as Christ comes to awaken humanity. It is a beautiful unfolding that is full of symbolism not easily seen. The Bible is mystical and written on purpose so that it cannot be easily understood. However, the mystery reveals itself in time to the awakened man if he desires to see the truth hidden in the scriptures.

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