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An Awakening Soul


Awakening Soul

An awakening soul may feel quite weary before and after awakening. When I experienced my awakening in March of 2018, I had recently overcome the anxiety and depression that plagued me for years. Prior to awakening, I spent a year changing my mindset and the story I held about myself. That change started with studying the Law of Attraction and affirmations. I changed the words I used after “I AM.” By changing the words I used, my life changed.

An awakening soul gets weary, or at least that has been my experience. Understanding that I am solely responsible for what I experience (manifest) has made me very diligent. There is diligence in my thoughts, my words, assumptions, and my beliefs about everything. Being diligent can be tiresome but it is so important. That diligence is what stops old patterns from repeating. It is what allows us to choose in any given moment to rise to higher states of consciousness.


Be diligent with your thoughts and words because we are all connected. We are a collective consciousness. Our thoughts, our beliefs, and our words create what we experience. The awakening soul begins to realize this as the veil is lifted. As we go through life, prior to awakening, it feels as though life is happening to us. But the truth is, when we are sad, depressed, insecure, unwell, feeling unworthy, and so many other things; we are creating those experiences. We reap what we sow without having a clue that we are doing it.

But, when the veil is lifted, we begin to see our creations. By seeing them, we can begin to change them. It is possible to change your life, to overcome hardships, anxieties, ill health, and other unfavorable states. We are moving through various states of consciousness throughout the day. Most would describe the movement as moods. An awakening soul knows they have control over the states that want to move into. Those favorable states of joy, happiness, love, gratitude, worthiness, feeling healthy, and more are easy to move into. The key is recognizing that we have the power to choose the state we wish to make alive and move into any given moment.

What we are experiencing in this world is a direct reflection of what we are thinking, feeling, and speaking. So, to change what we experience, we have to change ourselves. We have to change our story. What we believe to be true about ourselves, our “I AM.” So, ask yourself “who am I?” Think about how you describe yourself, the internal, silent conversations with yourself. Who are you? Now, if you don’t like the answer, change it. The power is all yours and yours alone.

The Answers You Seek

As an awakening soul, you begin to reflect. Suddenly, it becomes obvious how every experience, every repeated pattern has a purpose. You begin noticing the reflection in everyone you meet. The lessons in any given moment become clear, and who you believe yourself to be becomes clearer. For those of you who are just now awakening, it is an exciting time. But again, it may feel confusing or lonely. You are not alone, and the journey is far from over. Once we awaken, the ascension process begins. Through it, all, remain grounded in who you are, which is everything you claim yourself to be after “I AM.” 

If you would like to know more, I share my experiences on my YouTube channel. I also share the teachings of the late Neville Goddard, which were the catalyst, I believe for my awakening.


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