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Pharaohs Dream

Pharaoh’s Dream

Pharaoh’s dream was full of symbolism. After a dream which reminded me of Pharaoh’s dream in scripture, I asked myself “What do Pharoah and chickens have in common?” Well, only a mystical dream could reveal that answer. So, I’ll share a series of dreams I had on the night of May 16, 2021. The first two dreams were not mystical in nature. Or at least not that I could tell. I did not receive any intuitive insight. However, I did have things happening within my external reality (awareness) that seemed to show up in the dreams. The third dream was definitely mystical and symbolic in nature though.


First Dream

In the first dream, I was sleeping in the back of a couple’s car as we went on a short road trip. I did not recognize the couple, but we were friends. I don’t know where we were going or how long we were gone but when we returned from the trip, there was a short conversation. The exact details of the dream are a blur. However, I had been planning a short trip so there were conscious elements showing up in the dream.


Second Dream

In the second dream, a woman showed up at a house I was living in on the beach. She had two children an infant and a little girl. There was another woman at the house who was supposed to watch the children. However, she wasn’t there at the time, so I ended up watching the two children. What was strange is that the mother went down to the beach with my boyfriend. While they were at the beach, the father of the children showed up at the house. He made a comment about the mother being with my boyfriend and hinted that we should get together.

I have no idea what this dream meant but I had been having a conversation in my waking hours about taking a trip to the beach. I had also been watching Love Island with my youngest daughter. So, there were definitely conscious elements showing up in the dream state.


Third Dream

Finally, in the third dream, I was inside a large chicken coop gathering eggs. There were two levels and on the top level, there was an abundance of new eggs. However, there was also an assortment of shriveled eggs that had turned into stone. The coop was full of plump chickens but there were also small, emaciated chickens that were stiff and couldn’t move. This was clearly a mystical dream with bible symbolism. This is where a correlation with Pharaoh’s dream is realized.

When I woke up, I thought about the story of Joseph and the interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream in the bible. Neville Goddard’s lecture ‘Stone, Water, and Wine’ also came to mind, in addition to his lecture titled ‘The Hatching.’ Neville explained the symbolism of stones in the bible in his lectures. The stones represent the literal facts of life.

The emaciated chickens in this dream are similar to the emaciated cows in Pharaoh’s dream, representing the famine. Now, famine actually represents the hunger for the word of God. Again, it is all symbolic and not secular history. The thing about mystical dreams is that sometimes they only make sense to the individual experiencing them.

The same is true for mystical experiences and I have had many of them. So, what do chickens and Pharoah have in common? They are both part of a story, symbolic in nature, and mystical. If you would like to know about dreams or you would like to record your dreams, check out these digital dream journals.

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