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Other-Worldly Dreams

Other-Worldly Dreams

Other-Worldly Dreams and Angelic Sounds

I had other-worldly dreams on the night of November 2, 2021. I also heard angelic sounds. The dream state was incredibly active on this particular night. More so than usual which I found interesting. Although I don’t remember the details of the first dream. However, there were a handful of times where I remember thinking “wow, what just happened?” while in the dream. Then I kept waking up throughout the night and wondering what the heck was going on. These other-worldly dreams were incredibly vivid and were just as real as being in my bed each time I awoke.

I woke up three or four times between 11 pm and 6 am. Possibly more than that. Again, it was an active night in an other-worldly dream state. Each time I woke up, my ears were ringing. The ringing isn’t new for me but this time it was different; it was louder. At first, I heard the sound of bells but then I heard chatter in what sounded like a foreign language; it wasn’t English. The sounds were beautiful, angelic sounds. It was incredible and it felt like I was in another dimension altogether.

The Feeling of Floating

The last time I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep I had this feeling of floating up out of my body. I have never intentionally tried to leave my body in a dream. However, I have woken up in a dream before. Several times actually but never floating. So, I had the feeling that I was floating up out of my body. And, as I felt myself floating, I knew that I was asleep. I didn’t feel like I was somewhere else, just floating slightly above my physical body, above my head.

Then I saw a light. I saw nothing but light and as I felt myself floating, I had a realization. I thought, “okay, I see a light and I am not inside my body. I could feel that I wasn’t inside my body and got scared. The next thought I had was, “whoa, I am not inside of my body. What if I float too far out and I can’t get back into it?” And as soon as I had that thought I could feel myself drop back into my body. It was so weird.

Finally, I had another dream. I dreamt that I was in a car with two friends about to go on a road trip. We were in what looked like a desert. The colors of the desert, the oranges, and the yellows of the sunset were very vivid. I noticed an old building in front of us then I heard the girl in the driver’s seat say “Okay, here we go, are you ready?

My other friend and I both said “yeah, we’re ready.” Then the car just started to move and it moved at a rapid pace. The car was not on the road though. It had four wheels but it was flying at a high rate of speed. The thing is though, although it was flying, it felt like we were floating in a hovercraft. So, here we were in this car that was moving at a high rate of speed towards the building in front of us.  It was almost in slow motion though like we were floating.

I thought to myself, “we’re going to crash into the building.” But no, we went right through it and we kept going through other buildings at a high rate of speed. Then I had a feeling that we were not even on earth anymore. We were in some other dimension or on another plant. As I said, it was an other-worldly dream and it was really weird. The entire night was other-worldly feeling and weird. It was cool but very weird. I woke up the following morning and thought to myself, “Wow, that was incredible.” I really felt as though I did have other-worldly dreams.


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