April 29

My Past Lives

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Past Lives

Have you ever wondered about past lives? I’ve got to share something wild that happened to me the other night, on October 21, 2021. I was deep into meditation, really zoning out, and out of nowhere, I started getting these vivid glimpses into my past lives.

So, there I was, eyes closed, breathing deep, and suddenly, I was in this vast, gray, wavy space. And I hear this voice—like telepathy—saying, “We are glad you are here. It has taken you a while.” I instantly thought of Haruk, a guide I encountered during a previous meditation. It turns out it was him, but now he was part of a collective. “We are three, but we are one.” I was told.

Things got intense pretty quickly. I felt this heavy feeling in my chest; my breathing went all weird, so I mentally asked what was happening. And they told me, “From this day forward, you will no longer suffer from allergies.”

Curious, I dove deeper, asking about healing my root chakra because I had read somewhere that it’s linked to the immune system. The answer I got was a bit of a shocker: “Your root chakra—you have unhealed sexual trauma.” Next thing I know, they’re whisking me back through time.

Suddenly, I saw this woman who looked straight out of “Little House on the Prairie.” It was like I was back in the Old West. I saw a little girl, and I just knew we were traveling in a horse and buggy. Funny thing, without even asking, I thought of Grizzly Adams, and they were like, “Yes, that’s why you liked the show as a kid and watched ‘Little House on the Prairie.’” It’s all tied to my past, part of my Akash, or The Book of Life.

I tried to figure out if I was the woman or the child but got no clear answer. Then things took another twist. I felt myself in this dark, heavy place, and it hit me—I was a prostitute in what seemed like a tavern or bordello. This vision shifted, and suddenly, I’m a woman in Victorian garb, white wig and all. Then, I’m experiencing childbirth, feeling love for this child like I’ve never known love before. It was incredibly profound.

Next, I was a young man in his twenties, alone in a dark, lonely mine. That’s when the thought of depression popped up. It clicked that this past life could be why I’ve had issues with breathing and allergies, even asthma, when I was younger. The heaviness, the difficulty breathing in the mine—it all made sense.

Writing and Remembrance

While piecing all this together, I asked for help remembering my past lives and writing them down. My guides promised, “We will help you remember and write so you can share.” When I started writing everything down in my dream journal, another memory entered my mind. While speaking Light Language a week before, I had visualized an old wooden cart and an outdoor market from the Old West.

Then, the next day, the word “Lemuria” popped into my head. I remembered a dream about seeing a distant place in the water that I had traveled to in another dream. This makes me wonder if I have ties to Lemuria in another past life.

It is mind-blowing to remember my past lives. I write everything down now. A dream journal is helpful if you’re curious about dreams and want to explore your past lives. The patterns do not reveal themselves all at once, and a dream journal can help you keep track of the visions and messages you may receive in dreams and meditation.

Dream Journal


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