December 5

Imagination Creates


Imagination Creates

Imagination creates, so what if we always use our imagination? I mean to use it, like when we were kids. Do you remember being a kid and imagining what you wanted to be when you grew up?  Did you ever play with barbies, dinosaurs, or cars as if they were not just plastic toys but real?

You can imagine anything you want to experience in this world.  Close your eyes and imagine a vivid scene of something you want to experience.  Daydream with your eyes open and hear what you want to hear.  Write out what you want to experience, and as you’re doing so, feel the experience within.  There are so many ways to imagine.

In a world of productivity, hacks, mindset coaches, techniques, and knowledge, looking for answers on how to have a better life is easy.  Seemingly that is!  The solutions do not exist externally.  They are all within you. Know what you want and imagine it. Just imagine! That is how the imagination creates reality.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

When you search for the answer to having a better morning routine, you’ll find it.  Do you put it into practice, though? You’ll find an external answer when you search for how to be more productive.  Everything begins within.  That is where the power and wisdom reside. That is what you possess…the power and wisdom of God.  Do you apply it, though? When you find what you seek, do you take action or continue searching? Do you imagine having that which you are seeking, or do you continue searching? There is no force involved when it comes to imagination.

Maybe at first, it’s hard to stop searching, be still and imagine, and silence the thoughts we’re so used to entertaining.  How many people forget to imagine when they want something and search in books, on the internet, for coaches or teachers, etc.?

I mean, we do it naturally as a child. Then, somewhere along the line, we forget and get bogged down with everything else going on, with the things we are told we should do.  We give all our inherent divine power away by listening to others rather than being still, being clear on our desires and imagining them, then staying persistent.

Think about what you could experience if you only imagined and imagined without limitation, without force, but with the ease and innocence of a child who believes all things are possible. Now knowing that imagination creates, what are you creating in your world?

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