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Anxiety and Depression


Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are not permanent.  I am not a doctor or psychologist, but I know that anxiety and depression can be overcome.  This realization of this truth isn’t for everyone, though.  Anxiety is a state someone has found themselves in; for whatever circumstantial reason that had been manifested and persisted in (unwittingly).  The same holds for depression.  I don’t mind boldly stating this based on my experiences and what I know now after “awakening.”

Habitual States

We get so used to being in certain states of consciousness that they can become habitual or our default “state.”  Then, not knowing that we have the power to change the state we are occupying, we look for answers. Answers as to the what, where, when, and how from outside sources.  If you have ever dealt with anxiety or depression, give it some thought. There are no coincidences.

So, if you’ve found this blog, you are at a point in your journey of awakening where what I’m saying may make sense.  Based on my experiences, I wholeheartedly believe that we encounter information at various times relevant to where we are. So, if you are dealing with anxiety and depression, know that you can change your state of consciousness and no longer suffer.

I overcame anxiety and depression after forty-plus years.  I look back now and see that they were states of consciousness I fell into, accepted, and perpetuated.  Again, I’m not a doctor, so I’m not here to give medical advice or advise anyone to stop doing what they are doing (taking medication, seeing a specialist, etc.).  However, I will advise taking small steps like changing the words you speak internally about anxiety and depression.

Observe what you think about feeling depressed or anxious and change them into something more favorable or less frightening.  Just small steps if you feel so inclined.  Anxiety and depression aren’t permanent.  You are a divine being and are pure love because God is love.  Whether you feel the reality now or not, it is accurate, and I can wholeheartedly attest to it.


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