January 4

The Face of a Child


The face of a child is a beautiful thing.  I woke up early on the morning of April 27, 2020.  It was about 3:30 am, and for the past few hours, I have had a deep desire to be still. So, I did a guided meditation while asking God to further awaken within me.

While meditating, I saw a man cup the face of a child or young woman and kiss her.  I knew that the one being kissed was me.  I then had a brief and very odd thought of having a quick fling w/a woman. Since the thought struck me as strange, I asked, “What is the meaning of this?”

Then the thought of masculine and feminine came next.  Finally, towards the end of the meditation, I saw a man’s face.  He had short dark hair and a short mustache and beard (similar to a 5 0’clock shadow).  The right side of the man’s face was covered in holes and looked like a machine.  Then the face started to disappear and melt, dropping like rain.

I do not doubt that seeing the face of a child again is a foreshadowing of the Promise.  Feminine, in this case, is the symbolism of desire, and masculine is the imagination. That is, according to Neville’s lecture, “The Prophecy.”  So, I think that the brief thought of having a fling with a woman symbolized imagination and desire coming together. Therefore manifesting what we imagine into our 3D reality.


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