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The Face of a Child



The Face of a Child

The face of a child is a beautiful thing.  I woke up early on the morning of April 27, 2020, at about 3:30 am. Later that morning, I felt a deep desire to be still, meaning stop what I was doing and sit in silence. So, I sat for a while in the stillness, then did a guided meditation and asked God to further awaken within me.

While meditating, I saw a man cup the face of a child and kiss her.  I knew that the one being kissed was me.  I then had a brief and very odd thought about having a quick fling with a woman. Since the thought struck me as strange, I asked silently, “What is the meaning of this?” The thought that came to mind was “masculine and feminine.”

Toward the end of the meditation, I saw a man’s face.  He had short dark hair, a short mustache, and a short beard resembling a five 0’clock shadow.  The right side of the man’s face was covered in holes and looked very mechanical.  Then the face started to disappear, melting like dropping rain.

The Foreshadowing

I do not doubt that seeing the face of a child again is a foreshadowing of the Promise in scripture. The Promise is the Awakening of God in man.  Feminine, in this dream, is the symbol of desire, and the masculine represents the imagination. Interestingly, in the human body, the right side is the masculine energy side, and the left is the feminine energy. I believe the holes symbolized a pattern.

Finally, as I reflected on the meditation, I concluded that I So, that the brief thought of having a fling with a woman symbolized imagination and desire coming together.  When a desire is planted in the imagination, that seed of desire is fertilized and, at an appointed time, manifests.




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