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An Adumbration of Death: Exploring Symbolic Dream Experiences


An Adumbration of Death

An adumbration of death is foreshadowing. In the realm of the subconscious, I once had a profound dream that seemed to hint at the mysteries of mortality while casting me as a soldier in the Vietnam War. This remarkable dream unfolded on the night of January 1, 2020, and was reminiscent of a previous dream where I had also been a soldier. Yet, this time, the dream led me to a countryside scene, right outside someone’s residence.

In this dream, I found myself in front of a house where a group of men had gathered on the porch, engrossed in what seemed to be a heated discussion. I couldn’t ascertain whether I was actively participating in their debate, but suddenly, my existence was interrupted by a bullet to the head. As I instinctively covered the wound with my hand, an unexpected serenity enveloped me. At that moment, I realized that the dream held a deeper, symbolic message—an adumbration of death.

The term “adumbration” refers to a symbolic representation, akin to a premonition of something significant. In my case, this dream served as a prelude to my spiritual awakening, signifying the transformation from the “old man” to the “new man.” The concept of an adumbration of death has been discussed in several lectures by Neville Goddard, particularly in his lecture titled “You are a Cosmic Being,” among others during his time of teaching and guidance.

Reflecting on the Dream

Upon reflection, there was a time when such dreams would have struck fear into my heart. Before encountering the teachings of Neville, I mistakenly regarded dreams of death as negative omens. However, my understanding of dreams has evolved, and I now recognize that dreams are not to be taken literally but rather as symbolic expressions of our inner worlds—a source of profound relief.

This dream experience was not an isolated incident. In fact, I have encountered three similar dreams where I was cast as a soldier and faced with mortal danger. I remain uncertain if there is any specific significance to this recurring soldier motif or whether I will continue to have similar dreams in the future. However, I find solace in the idea that these adumbrations of death are indicative of my ongoing awakening. As such, I eagerly anticipate these dreams as they mark my journey toward a more enlightened self.

I would like to mention that as of posting this here on my blog, I now understand that this dream (and some others) could also be a remembrance. I have, since my awakening, and since this dream become aware of many past lives. Do you understand what your dreams are telling you? If not, I highly recommend writing your dreams down. The symbolism reveals itself over time.


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