January 8

The Mighty Wind and Revision


I had a series of dreams on the night of August 2, 2021. In the first dream, I was moving into a dorm room or a hotel room. I was with another person although I don’t know who it was. We were shown our room by a gentleman. He had unlocked the door but left the key in the lock and I mentioned it (pointed to the lock) to him. The inside of the room was okay, nothing fancy. The person I was with; I think it may have been my youngest daughter; sat on a twin bed while I noticed a king-sized bed in the room. There was also a large dresser. I kept thinking to myself that it’s only a year and I need to bring my stuff in to make the room look nice, paint the dresser, etc. and figure out where to put my computer so I could work. Then I noticed a small window into the room next door. I peeked through and could see decorations on the wall.

Reflecting on the Dream

As I reflect on the dream, I hear the phrase subtly “You have the key, you have always held the key.” Then two witnesses come to mind which represent the conscious and the subconscious mind. When we have a desire and we imagine, then the mind of man and the mind of God (our higher self) agree. The phrase “my Father and I are one, but my Father is greater than I” also comes to mind. The twin bed and the King-Sized bed represent the Father and me, and two states of consciousness. The current state is nothing fancy but looks into the other room, into the imagination. There are decorations on the wall, the next room (the new state) is more beautiful.

In the next dream, I was walking through the foyer of the building, and I noticed people running and screaming. As I turned a corner to walk down a hallway, I noticed a mighty wind. It sounded like a freight train and these huge windows that lined the hallways were being blown out and glass was flying everywhere. It was happening in a beautiful geometric pattern though and although the event felt and sounded ferocious, it was somehow calm at the same time. I wasn’t afraid. Then I ducked into a room and noticed there were a few other people there. One gentleman said he was going to try to make it and ran out into the chaos. At some point, I left and made it upstairs where I noticed the same thing happening. It’s interesting because a couple of other dreams are coming to mind as I write down this dream. I can see parts of those dreams in my mind’s eye. The mighty wind is the Spirit.

In the next dream, I was walking along a street next to a park when I notice an old man and a young girl next to each other. They didn’t know each other but were speaking casually. I recognized her from an article I had read. I asked her if her name was Ingrid and she shyly said “yes.” Then I proceeded to tell the man about how respected this girl was and about the article she wrote. I could distinctly remember in the dream a scene where I was actually reading the article, but it seemed like a memory within the dream. It felt so real that I had to stop for a moment as I began to annotate in my dream journal “Did I actually read an article?” I hadn’t, not in the waking hours that I know of, but I wondered for a moment.”

In the next dream, I was back in the building I was in before but this time I was downstairs in the cafeteria. It looked like nothing had happened as far as broken windows, etc. I walked over to my daughter who was sitting with a group of people. I said something to the effect of “she’s not calling me, so I came to check on her. Then I walked over to the counter to order food. One of the waitresses whispered in my ear that said I could modify my sandwich. So, I ordered a turkey and avocado on focaccia. Finally, in the last dream, I was with my husband. We were in a car and had pulled into a parking lot. He had to go inside the hotel for a short meeting. We were discussing it, and it interfered with our plans. He got out of the car then came around to the passenger side and told me it wouldn’t take long. Then he kissed me. The most loving, passionate kiss as if to say, “Everything is going to be alright.” Then he said, “me and you.”


I am not sure what the significance is of the old man and the young girl speaking. I could make a guess, but it isn’t coming fully through, so I won’t speculate. When the server in the cafeteria tells me that I can modify my sandwich, she is speaking of revision. Meaning, I can revise any situation within my imagination to change future outcomes.

The dreams are related, and I know this because of the presence of the wind (the Holy Spirit), current beliefs and assumptions about time in relationships, understanding revision, and moving from undesirable to desirable states of consciousness.


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