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The Flash of Light

The Flash of Light

The flash of light appeared out of nowhere. It was an incredible experience. On the night of December 17, 2021. I was woken up from my sleep by the sound of a click and a flash of light. Perhaps like a switch turning on. As I opened my eyes, the room was a bit grayish and hazy and then a flash of light filled the room. It was extremely bright.

As I lay there in bed looking at my ceiling, a flash of light filled the room and a wave flashed over me. I felt it across my chest. It felt like my body was being scanned but it felt extremely peaceful. I was definitely in my room and in my body. It was not a dream. I thought to myself, “Wow, I cannot believe this is happening. This is happening and it’s beautiful.

To be honest, when I heard the click and saw the flash of light in my mind’s eye, my first thought was “Well, what was that?” Then, right before I opened my eyes I thought to myself “I wonder if I’m going to see beings from other dimensions in my room. Am I going to see my guides?” I thought when I opened my eyes, I was going to see something in my room. Perhaps an alien or extra-dimensional being.

But I opened my eyes and I didn’t see anything except the haze and then the flash of light that filled the room. When that feeling washed over me, I knew something pretty incredible about what just happened. And the sound of that flash, the click sound I heard, reminded me of a picture day at school. Do you remember getting your picture taken at school? The photographer had always had a camera and light set up.  They’d hold a thing in their hand and when they pressed it, you’d hear a click and the flash would go off.  That is what this experience was like; the click then the flash of light.


So, after the flash of light and wave washed over me, I closed my eyes. I must have fallen asleep and had another dream because I saw my sister and me in a room where I’m lying on a table. My sister said to me, they are in the next room and they’re waiting to meet you. At that moment, I knew that there were higher dimensional beings (aliens) in the next room. They were waiting to come in to meet me and speak with me. I had this sense that they looked similar to one of my guides.

If you follow my YouTube channel, I know that I have talked about my guides before. Anyway, when they first came to me, they said, “We are Haruk. We are three, yes we are one.” In a few meditations, I’ve seen these gray beings. At first, there were three and they looked like three little gray beings and all I could see were their heads. But then, as I continued meditating, I came to realize that Haruk is one being made up of multiple beings, an Arcturian.

Anyway, I had the sense in the dream that the beings waiting to meet me looked like my guide, Haruk. I never actually saw them. I just had a sense of them. So anyway, that was the experience I had on December 17, 2021. The experiences I have been having have gotten more interesting over the years.  I welcome all of it though because it is part of my journey.

The Flash of Light and Spontaneous Healing

I have experienced the flash of light before. It happened one day during meditation. I also had a spontaneous healing experience at the same time. I had my eyes closed in meditation and I saw a flash of light in my mind’s eye. There was a bright flash of light above my left eye. I was healed of a toothache and earache that had been bothering me for weeks. 

Have you ever had similar experiences?  If so and you would like to share, please feel free to reach out to me. I love speaking with others who have had similar experiences.


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