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Neville Goddard 1953 Lectures Series


In the Neville Goddard 1953 lectures series, “Unleashing Your Inner Mastery: Insights from Neville Goddards’ 1953 Lectures, we delve into a series of illuminating lectures: Changing the Feelin of I, Fundamentals, Sound Investments, The Power of Awareness, and Your Supreme Dominion.

Introducing “Awakening Imagination: A Journey into the Transformative Teachings of Neville Goddard.”

Embark on a profound voyage of self-discovery and empowerment with this transformative course, “Awakening Imagination.” Immerse yourself in a series of enlightening lectures delivered by the visionary spiritual teacher and metaphysical thinker, Neville Goddard, back in 1954. This course is a gateway to unlocking the true potential of your awakened imagination and diving into the depths of spiritual wisdom.

Delve into the profound topics that Neville Goddard explores, including the power of awakened imagination, the symbolism of Good Friday and Easter, the divine abundance of the coin of heaven, the transformative tool of revision, and the three foundational propositions of spiritual awakening. Each lecture is crafted to empower and enlighten, offering invaluable insights to enrich your life and spiritual journey.

Experience an interactive learning platform that goes beyond conventional teachings. Access recorded lectures, reading materials, and guided exercises that will take you on a transformative journey at your own pace. Our dedicated online platform fosters meaningful discussions and collaboration, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals on the same quest for spiritual growth.

Embrace the freedom of self-paced learning, ensuring you can absorb the wisdom of Neville Goddard’s teachings within a timeframe that suits your lifestyle. “Awakening Imagination” is designed to accommodate your busy schedule, without compromising the depth and impact of the course content.

Are you ready to awaken your imagination and embark on a life-changing journey of spiritual growth? Join us today and unlock the hidden potentials of your mind with “Awakening Imagination: A Journey into the Transformative Teachings of Neville Goddard.”



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