Lynna K Teer

Lynna K Teer is a spiritual teacher and coach. She experienced an awakening after discovering the teachings of Neville Goddard in 2019. Join her as she shares her experiences on the journey of awakening.

Lynna K Teer

Spiritual Teacher and Coach

Spiritual Teacher

A spiritual teacher helps individuals access their intuition, connect with their Higher Self, and develop greater awareness and self-love. A spiritual teacher has often had an awakening and offers unique insight into the awakening process. Spiritual gifts, visions, mystical dreams, and divine revelation are experiences that a spiritual teacher has often had.

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching is a transformative practice that helps people to awaken to their true nature. Many people find that spiritual coaching from the right spiritual teacher helps them to overcome personal challenges and achieve greater happiness in their lives. When choosing a spiritual teacher and coach, discernment should be used. On the spiritual path, there are specific teachings that resonate with us individually at various times on the journey of awakening.

As a spiritual teacher, Lynna is here to assist others on their journey of awakening.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” – Julia Upton

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