January 30

Manifesting Who You Are: Embodying Your Desires


Manifesting Who You Are

Manifesting who you are, what does it mean? It may sound a bit strange but let me explain. Many of you are familiar with conscious manifesting, and for those who aren’t, I invite you to explore my YouTube channel’s “Mindset and Manifesting” playlist. Now, within the realm of manifestation, you may have come across the phrase “Manifesting Who You Are.” So let’s delve into what that means. Because for many, when it comes to manifesting, the idea is generally that you manifest what you want.

So, what does it mean to manifest who you are? It begins with having a desire and immersing yourself in the state of consciousness where you are already the person experiencing the physical manifestation of that desire. Various tools can aid in this process, such as writing affirmations, practicing gratitude, scripting, and visualization, among others. The purpose of these techniques is to shift your consciousness into a state where you embody the experience of your desire. Whether it’s wealth, health, love, or success, the key is to become fully aware of being the person who already possesses the desired outcome.

Beyond the Ordinary

Now, when we talk about manifesting who you are, we’re not referring to the small everyday occurrences like receiving compliments or seeing rainbows, which we often perceive as random. In truth, there is no randomness in this world. Instead, we focus on manifesting the things that may feel more challenging to create, such as a fulfilling job, financial abundance, physical transformations, meaningful relationships, and other significant aspirations. These are the areas where we tend to get stuck in old stories, limited perspectives, and a third-dimensional consciousness. In this density, appearances dictate our judgments, making it difficult to see beyond the apparent limitations.

When we become accustomed to perceiving things as they currently appear, it becomes challenging to shift our mindset and thoughts in the present moment. However, it is essential to deny the evidence presented by our senses and persist in the unwavering belief that our desires are already fulfilled. After all, if they hadn’t already entered our awareness, they wouldn’t exist as potential manifestations. By embodying the state of already having our desires and fully experiencing them in every present moment, we allow the energetic essence of those desires to manifest tangibly in our lives.

In essence, we manifest who we truly are. Manifesting who you are is about aligning your consciousness with the experiences and desires that hold deep meaning for you. It goes beyond superficial manifestations and dives into the core of your being. Through techniques like affirmations, gratitude, scripting, and visualization, you can shift your consciousness to embody the state of already having your desires. By persistently holding this state of being, you allow the energetic essence of your desires to manifest in the physical realm. There are many techniques a person can use to get them into the state of being of already having their desires.


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