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John the Baptist, A Mystical Dream

John the Baptist

John the Baptist personifies the state of consciousness as one in which we feel we must restrict ourselves. By restricting ourselves, we believe we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That is not true at all. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us. We move through all of the states of consciousness personified by individuals in Scripture. We do this on the Journey of Awakening in this life.

I have had many mystical dreams that correlate with scripture. This was one of those dreams. On the night of July 11, 2020, I traversed through a trio of dreams. I vividly recall the first and third, while the second subtly bridged the two. The first dream unfolded in a grocery store where I was stocking shelves. The shoppers began shimmering there, their forms blurring and flickering like energy particles caught in a dance of light. As the scene shifted to a factory setting, a particular figure caught my eye, their form unstable and fragmented. Realizing my divinity in the dream, I declared, “I am a divine being. I can make them whole.” With a simple wave, the figure solidified, restored to wholeness by my intent.

The third dream transported me to a familial setting, a house where I found myself with my stepfather. The air was thick with the presence of my siblings, though they were not directly in view. Anxious, I inquired about my mother’s whereabouts, only to be met with the heavy news of “John’s” passing—a former love of my mother’s. As my stepfather explained her absence due to her closeness to John and her role in settling his final matters, I noticed the room was cluttered with boxes, remnants of John’s life, signifying the old state of things.

Outside, a car maneuvered into a parking spot—it was not my mother arriving, but someone familiar. Meanwhile, another figure, resembling my eldest daughter yet imbued with the essence of my sister, stepped out from a white car, dogs in tow. The black and golden dogs seemed to symbolize the dual nature of the conscious and subconscious mind, their contrasting colors mirroring the vehicles’ hues, weaving a tapestry of contrast, yet there was harmony in that contrast.

Reflecting on the Dreams

As I penned these visions into my journal, insights flowed effortlessly, connecting the symbolic elements with deep emotional undercurrents. The narrative of John’s belongings, the actions of the cars, and the dichotomy of the dogs coalesced into a profound realization of transformation and harmony. Each symbol was a thread in the intricate fabric of my subconscious, revealing the dance of life’s contrasting elements in pursuit of balance.

Reflecting further upon the symbolism, the mention of “John” in my dream resonated profoundly on November 11, 2020, as I transcribed my dream journal into this blog post. It struck me that “John” represented John the Baptist, a herald of transformation and precursor to enlightenment, symbolizing necessary transitions and the relinquishments required before one can experience true spiritual ascendance.

If you remember your dreams regularly, I highly recommend writing them down in a journal. It is fascinating to experience the insight as it comes through. It is also interesting to notice the patterns unfolding over time.

Dream Journal


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