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Illuminating Dreams


Illuminating Dreams

Illuminating dreams have a mysterious way of weaving together elements of the conscious and subconscious mind. They present us with vivid scenarios and symbol-laden experiences. In this blog post, we will explore a captivating dream that occurred on the night of November 5, 2021. Join me as I delve into the intriguing symbolism of the dream.

In the dream, I found myself engaged in a phone conversation with my sister. As we spoke, I shared my contemplation of enrolling in a phlebotomy class. It was a path that could potentially lead to work in a laboratory or a hospital setting. This dialogue held significance as it reflected my aspirations for personal and professional growth. However, never once have I ever been interested in the medical field.

During our conversation, my sister expressed concern about the potential exposure to gamma rays in hospitals. Apparently due to the presence of various medical machines. The energy coming from the sun and from our galactic family is assisting us on the ascension path. However, my sister, not being awake does not understand this. Therefore, from a 3rd-dimensional perspective, she viewed the rays as harmful, as most people would.

Luminous Light

As my sister discussed the topic of gamma rays, a bright light suddenly manifested above my left eye. It was as if I were in a room. I was speaking to her on the phone, and a nearby lamp on my left grew increasingly luminous. This visual imagery carried profound symbolism. The left side of the body is often associated with intuition and feminine energy. It suggested that this light held deeper insights and intuitive guidance. Its intensifying brightness represented the unveiling of hidden truths and the illumination of new perspectives. Either that, or I was lying on a table on a ship and unaware of exactly what was happening. Simultaneously, a mechanical voice emanated from my left ear, adding an otherworldly dimension to the experience.

The illuminating dream culminated in a wakeful state, as the mechanical voice in my left ear propelled me into consciousness. This sudden awakening signaled the integration of the dream’s messages and the transformation they would bring. The dream’s captivating nature left me with a sense of intrigue. It also left me with a deep desire to understand the underlying meanings hidden within its symbolism.

Illuminating Dreams serve as portals to our subconscious, unveiling hidden truths and offering guidance on our paths of personal and spiritual growth. This dream encompassed powerful symbolism that left a lasting impression. The phone conversation, the mention of gamma rays, and the illuminating light all held significant meaning. May we all embrace the wisdom of our dreams. May we seek the messages they bring, and integrate their transformative insights into our waking lives.

I recommend keeping track of your dreams. I’ve noticed patterns in my dreams and I’ve been writing them down in a dream journal since 2019. Dreams are full of symbolism and messages from our higher selves. Do you know what your dreams are revealing to you?


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