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How to Use Audio Hypnosis for Anxiety


To use audio hypnosis for anxiety, you must listen to the audio repeatedly for it to work. One of the mistakes I often see is that people listen to an audio once or twice and stop, expecting it to work magically. Like everything else, you will have to do it repeatedly for it to work. Let’s take a closer look at using hypnosis for anxiety.

Listening to Audio Hypnosis

You should listen to a hypnosis recording three times daily for the best results. These audios should be less than 15 minutes, so it’s not too difficult to fit them into your schedule. Although the times you pick are entirely optional, I highly recommend that you listen in the morning, at lunch, and then as you’re lying down for bed.

Find the Right Location

The best time to listen to audio hypnosis for anxiety is before bed. Then the next best time is just after waking up. Your mind is much more open to suggestions during those times, so hypnosis audio sticks to your subconscious.

Stick to a Single Recording Before Moving On

Focus on a single goal at a time. If you try listening to multiple recordings, you’ll only confuse your mind. Therefore, you should play one hypnosis audio for at least a week before moving on to another. Your subconscious will focus on the last thing you heard, so you want single audio to sink in before you change.

If you Have a Partner or Spouse…

If you have someone else in your life, you can use headphones so that the audio does not disrupt them. Everything else remains the same. There are great benefits of hypnosis for anxiety.

Final Thoughts

There is no better time to start using audio hypnosis for anxiety than now. The sooner you begin, the faster you develop a healthier mindset.


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