January 24

Cultivating Confidence: Realizing Your Desires


Cultivating Confidence

Cultivating confidence is essential to manifest the life you desire. A solid belief that everything you desire is achievable can give you the ultimate freedom from restrictions. In other words, we are cultivating a sense of faith. Unfortunately, many do not realize the importance of a confident mindset regarding what we can create for ourselves. From the time we are born, our subconscious mind is influenced by various elements. Some of us develop confidence from a young age, while others struggle to build it. It often has to do with what we are exposed to – poverty, lack, abuse, bullying – all this shapes our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, potentially delaying our ability to gain a sense of assurance.

Realizing Your Desires

But what if we were taught at a young age to see the future we desire and create? To understand that with positive self-talk and visualization, we can make it a reality. We could all lead a more fulfilling life. These ‘what ifs’ could become ‘why not nows.’ It is never too late to start cultivating confidence. We can decide who we want to become and access that person’s consciousness. Through doing so, you will likely develop a greater sense of confidence. This can be said through experience as I have gone through similar challenges and have now established an assured mindset, feeling more sure in myself. It’s never too late.

Your true desires will never disappear – they may become quieter but remain with you as they are meant to be realized. If you lacked assurance in the past, now is the time to strengthen it. Cultivating confidence and maintaining that confident mindset will give you knowledge and assurance of who you are and what you want. Have faith, remain persistent, and you will find it will come to fruition. Confidence can be used as a guide to a more fulfilling life.

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