August 12

Conversations With God Part 3

Conversations with God are not unusual for me now. This is the third intentional conversation, so this post is Conversations With God Part 3. I’ve spoken to God since I was a child, but since my awakening and recognizing that I am clairaudient, I hear the responses now.  God is not an external being; he exists in us, in every man as we exist in Him.  An understanding of God goes beyond what the churches teach us.  There is a mystical nature to God and the truth of who we are as human beings.  That awareness comes to light with awakening. However, not every awakened human being understands the Bible from a mystical point of view.  Just as every awakened being doesn’t understand the power and sacred geometry, nature, or crystals.

Understanding God and the multi-dimensional level of my soul allows me to receive these communications while recognizing that these conversations with God are really with my higher self and multi-dimensional versions of myself, otherwise known to some as guides. By sharing this conversation, perhaps it will resonate with you and encourage you to have intentional conversations with your higher self.

I have shared the first two conversations with God on my YouTube channel and here on my blog. The first conversation happened by accident, and the rest have been intentional. This particular conversation, conversations with God part three, occurred during meditation on December 12, 2021. So, this is how the conversation went:

Conversations With God Part 3

Me: I’ve felt so peaceful lately. At moments, experiencing a feeling neutrality, and at other moments feeling tremendous gratitude and love. Why is this? [Asking how to define higher self and guides].

God: The higher self is the first manifestation of source (God). It is the soul, the true self, that which you are. Your guides are part of your soul family. Haruk is part of your Lemurian soul family.

Note: Haruk was revealed to me previously as my guide. They are three beings but one consciousness from what I’ve been able to discern.

Me: Why do they look different than I saw myself in that lifetime? [Meaning my life on Lemuria].

God: There are many souls on many planets in many dimensions. All will be different to you.

Me: What about being so tired and at peace?

God: The peace has come from the work you have done and the energies you have received. The neutrality is a space of rest and non-attachment.

Me: I am tired. I can sit still doing nothing and see the aura energy fields around object and sometimes they seem to merge with the surroundings.

God: You are ascending in consciousness. Your body is in the ascension process. At times you will continue to experience these things until you adapt and then you will have more energy. It is important to rest and drink more water. Don’t force anything though. Do what you feel your body is telling you to do.

Me: How long will this last?

God: It is in part up to you.

Me: My mother, will I see her again?

God: You will.

Me: Is [name redacted] my twin flame?

God: We have told you this. Stop doubting. He knows this.

Note: I have seen one of my past lives in meditation. The moment my soul agreed to split for the purpose of a twine flame experience.

Me: How do I observe without creating unwanted things?

God: Just observe.

So that was the conversation with God. Conversations With God part 3, I had at the end of December 2021.  I don’t have them often because I am not intentional about sitting down with a notebook and writing them down.  Most often, I have internal conversations during meditation. In meditation, I prefer to relax and listen without stopping to record everything.  These conversations most often come through telepathy.  Although, because I am clairaudient, I have heard external voices before. That usually happens right before waking up. Hearing an audible voice is often what wakes me up. You are a multi-dimensional being.  If you are open to receiving answers from your higher self, set an intention and be open to receiving. 

Enjoy the journey of awakening. If you found this post, conversations with God part 3 interesting, stay tuned for part 4.


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