December 13

Be the Alchemist


Be the alchemist of your life.  I have created a podcast where I talk about mindset and manifesting, which includes discussing awareness and really how to be the alchemist. I decided to talk about the topic of alchemy because of the experiences I have had on my journey of awakening.  It is interesting how certain things come back around and into my awareness. For instance, in 2017, when I began the process of finally overcoming anxiety and depression, I looked into The Law of Attraction and began using affirmations.  However, the idea of energy, frequencies, and vibration did not resonate with me at the time.

For those of you subscribed to my YouTube channel, you know that I avoid the news as much as possible.  However, when I open Google on my desktop computer, the MSN page is currently set as the default, and of course, the news is there. I don’t go into depth reading articles and the news, but occasionally I skim over the page.  I’ve realized that when I used to read the news every day, I would see the same types of stories. That doesn’t happen now because the stories are not in my daily awareness, and they disappear. I don’t engage in conversations with other people about the news, politics, or headlines. This is one way I choose to be the alchemist of my own life.


Some might say that the stories in the news no longer show up as headlines because they do not remain relevant. However, I am here to tell you that what we focus on grows. There are no coincidences, and everything is a manifestation. If you don’t believe me, try it. You’ll notice that if you pay attention to certain things daily, they will remain in your awareness. If you cease thinking about something or paying attention to something, it all but vanishes.  So, if you don’t like what you see in the news, stop watching or reading the news for a while. The same thing goes for social media. Take a break sometimes and only focus on what you want to manifest in your life. Be the alchemist by changing your thoughts, words, and feelings. Change what you focus on.


Everything is made of energy. Everything has a frequency and vibration, including our thoughts. I fully understand that now based on my experiences and meditation. So, everything is malleable and because everything is malleable, we get to be the alchemist of our lives.  We create what we experience. Being conscious of that allows us to work with the energies of thoughts, feelings, and the words we speak.

Protect your energy by being aware of what you are focusing on. You do not have to focus on the narratives dictated by others, by the government, the news, etc. You have every right to protect your sovereignty, your free will as the multi-dimensional, divine being. So many systems and narratives set up in this world are no longer relevant to me. Yes, there are certain rules I must still follow being part of this world, but as the saying goes, “I am in this world but not of it.” I am the alchemist of my life.


When we don’t feed into negative energy, and yes, it’s all energy, we alchemize it.  Then as we consciously become the alchemist, we change our experiences. We do not pay attention to the things that do not serve our expansion, our consciousness. We can cut the cord, so to speak, the energetic link. We tap into the new energetic links of what we want to experience. Try it!  Start paying attention to what you are focusing on.  How does what you focus on make you feel?  If you don’t like the feeling or something or it doesn’t resonate with you, be the alchemist and change things. You have the power to do so!


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