March 22

Learn to Embrace Difficult Situations


Learn to embrace difficult situations. Had I known done that growing up, I would’ve learned the hard lessons much earlier in life. However, I finally understand what it means to be confident and happy. Not partially happy and not reliant on outside influences but totally happy from within. For someone who grew up battling depression and anxiety, I am proud of the work that I have done. I am grateful for every struggle and am grateful for the peace I now feel. It wasn’t easy, but I learned to embrace the difficult situations in my life.

It took a long time to learn to embrace difficult situations, but I did it. There were certain situations in my life that I experienced like clockwork. Literally, they would happen repeatedly! It felt as though my life was one large revolving door of negative situations.

However, once I started changing my reaction to those difficult situations, my mindset shifted. I experienced growth as an individual, and I began to look at life differently. The “woe is me attitude” no longer fit who I was.

Be observant! There are people and situations in your life that will teach you important lessons. They will show you things, but you must be open to them. Most importantly, you must take the bits and pieces you gain from the outside and do the work internally. Don’t give up…dig in and keep going.

As I’ve said, learn to embrace difficult situations even if it seems like you may never get through them.  I promise you will get through them.  You’ll look back, and the lessons will be clear, even the lessons from people who may have hurt you.  Life is beautiful, so do the inner work, love yourself, embrace your authenticity, and embrace every difficult situation.



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