February 27

Abundance and Opulence


The Dream(s)

Abundance and Opulence were symbolized interestingly in this dream. I had the on July 23, 2020.  I dreamt that a handsome man asked me to dinner. We had a wonderful, flirty date, and I was attracted to him. However, I said to myself (thought) that I only want a specific individual.  Then, in the next scene, I was on the sidewalk in front of a fancy hotel in New York. I was running with a few friends and ran in between the hotel and an armored car. I was running from someone but also searching for the guy I had been on a date with. As I am writing this, the Italian mob or an Italian restaurant’s thought comes to mind but subtly. The armored car was significant – representing abundance and the hotel opulence.

Before I had the dream, I was lying in bed meditating. I heard a sound – like bells but more like tapping the side of a glass for a toast. Then later, during the meditation, I heard/felt sound come out of me.  It was similar to a gasp as though something had been let go but without opening my mouth. Whatever it was, it brought me out of the meditation.

Reflecting on the Dream

The key points that were clear in this particular dream were that I am sure that there is only one man I’m interested in.  The fact that abundance was apparent through the symbol of the armored car represents how I feel about my life right now.   Now, the sound of bells or the dinging against glass isn’t anything new.  I’ve heard the sound of bells in dreams or meditation many times. As always, I record the experiences and know that perhaps sometime in the future, new insight may be revealed as I re-read my journal. Or maybe not.  The truth is, I’m just enjoying every experience.


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