February 3

We All Have A Story – What is Yours?


We all have a story; what is yours?  The story you are telling yourself about who you are and your life circumstances will consistently experience.  So, if you don’t like the story, then change it.  I’ve talked about this before here on my blog and my YouTube channel.  However, it is a topic worth revisiting. So, what is your story?

Personally, I held the story of suffering from depression and anxiety for the better part of four decades.  At the time, I hadn’t realized that I could change the story by simply changing my thoughts, words, beliefs, assumptions, and observing my thoughts to adjust my reactions and feelings.  Then, persisting in those changes.  Basically, I suffered unwittingly for all of those years because I thought God was an entity outside of myself.  I thought there were limits to the changes I could make and that certain thoughts and feelings would always be with me.  Well, I was wrong! There are no limitations.

Whatever story you tell yourself, if you don’t like it, trust me when I say that you CAN change it.  Changing your story is changing your state of consciousness.  If you are familiar with my blog, then you know I’ve talked about states of consciousness a lot.  At the same time, it can often take hearing something more than once for it to really sink in. No matter what it is, health, relationships, finances, success, appearances, etc., if you want to experience anything differently, change your story.  Start small if you need to and persist in the new story.  Life really is beautiful if you allow it to be. All of the power you need to change anything in your life lies within you.  So, don’t focus on the path; what do you want your future to look like?


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