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The Serpent is Spirit


The Serpent is Spirit

The serpent is Spirit is something I now understand. The first dream I ever had involving a snake was in 2009, or right around that time. My youngest daughter was five years old and had been having anxiety that was manifesting physically. When I had that dream, I thought that snakes represented Satan, as I mentioned in a previous post. Satan isn’t an evil entity. Satan represents doubt, it is what keeps up from having faith in the Word of God. The Bible is all symbolism and not to be taken literally.

The pattern of dreaming about snakes has unfolded within me to reveal that the Serpent is Spirit. Snakes represent the Spirit of God within us. On the night of December 17, 2020, I had two dreams. The first dream was a bit vague, but I was standing somewhere, and abundance was falling. It was flowing down on top of me. It may have been in the form of money, but it felt like energy or light, golden light. Whatever form the abundance was in, I felt joyful and had a deep sense of gratitude and love.

Then, in another dream, I was in a house. The first thing I remember seeing was the tail of an exceptionally long rattlesnake underneath a door. The tail looked like a string of beads with a strand of twine tied at the end. My first instinct was to figure out how to capture it before it escaped. Suddenly I noticed that the snake became large. It almost seemed like a brief vision within a dream. I knew that the Serpent is Spirit and I did not want it to escape me. Then, as its tail disappeared under the door, I left the first room.

Interestingly, I knew to follow the snake into the next room even though I couldn’t see the path it was taking. When I got to the next room, the tail again stuck out from underneath the door. There was also a point in the dream where I went down to the basement. The basement looked like a beautiful bedroom. As I walked into the basement I saw a couple. They looked like old friends from the church I attended many years ago. I told them about the snake and then went back upstairs to follow the tail of the snake into a different room. Finally, I woke up.

The Pattern of Dreams

Dreams contain messages. Many are mystical, and symbolic in nature, but we often don’t realize it. Since my awakening, I have had many mystical dreams and experiences. I now recognize the symbolism and patterns in dreams. Sometimes the patterns unfold after a few months, within a year, or even several years.

It took several dreams about snakes for me to realize that the Serpent is Spirit, and not Satan as the church teaches from a secular standpoint. The Serpent is Spirit and represents the Spirit of God within man. The serpent can be seen throughout history in Ancient Architecture and is mentioned throughout scripture and other ancient texts.

Reflecting on the Dreams

This dream, the Serpent is Spirit is the doubling of a dream. It states in scripture that a dream that is doubled is fixed by God. In this series of dreams, I saw the snake three times. I mentioned in a previous dream titled “The Golden Serpent” that the number three represents completion, the fullness of time. The dreams I have had about snakes, and the messages that have been revealed have to do with Awakening and Ascension.

In the first dream, I felt joy and gratitude as abundance flowed. The golden light is the Serpent, and the Serpent is Spirit. In the next dream, every time I saw the snake, I saw its tail underneath the door. Scripture tells us that Jesus said in John 10:7 that “I AM the door.” I knew to continue to follow the tail. Deuteronomy 28:13 states “And the Lord shall make the head, and not the tail, and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath.”  This verse has everything to do with union with the Spirit and ascension.

The basement in the dream represents the body of man (beneath). The mind of Christ is above, in the upper rooms. The couple represents man and I, as a teacher, following the Spirit, told the couple about the snake. The Serpent is Spirit and as a teacher; hearing the word of God, awakening, and having these experiences, I am here to share my experiences so that others may hear.


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