February 21

The Right Mindset – There is No Room for Crap


The right mindset is more than a positive attitude.  The right mindset is knowing who you are, what you want, and creating beliefs and assumptions around it.  There is no room for crap, so if you don’t like where you are at in life, then changing it means filtering out the crap in your mind.  The information and opinions you’ve fed by other people; think about how that has formed your own beliefs and assumptions not only about yourself but about how you see the world.  I guarantee if you were to give it some real thought, then you’d realize that a lot of it is crap.

Do you realize that the answer to every question and every desire you have is within you?  If you were still long enough and paid attention to the thoughts you encounter every day, throughout the day, then You’d come to realize that most of them aren’t truly your own.  If you’re busy, then you may not think you have time to meditate or sit alone with your thoughts. However, I promise that if you do, it will be worth it.  You will find that peace will seep into the busy, and you’ll be more aware of your thoughts.  When you are more aware of them, you can change anything negative into something positive.



Lynna K Teer, Mindset

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