January 15

The Realization of the Power Within


I had a dream last night that I was watching a group of boys off in the distance riding motorbikes. Either that or something similar. I approached them to warn them and noticed what looked like a large crevice on the hill next to them (the edge). So, I warned them that they should not be there because they could be hurt. The next thing I knew, I was standing on the bank of a large pond.

A huge rhino (or hippo), but quite sure it was a rhino, emerged from the center of the pond and started charging towards me. I just stood there and either said aloud or thought to myself “not this time, you can’t hurt me.”  Then the rhino shook its head in acknowledgment and retreated back into the water. Then I shook my head and laughed at the realization that I have had the power all of this time.


Awakening, Awareness, Consciousness, Dream Interpretation, Dream Symbolism, Lynna K Teer, Mystical Dreams, Mystical Experiences, Spiritual Awakening

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