March 21

The Law of Attraction and Its’ Vibration – Relax!


Let me tell you something about the law of attraction and its vibration.  Just relax! In my experience, I’ve realized that changing my assumptions had far more impact than trying to raise my vibration.

While researching the Law of Attraction to free me from anxiety and depression, I kept reading about “raising your vibration.”  Well, trying to vibrate to a different, higher frequency when you can barely get out of bed isn’t exactly an easy task.   If you keep trying to raise your vibration to feel better, then you may have a long road ahead of you.  I don’t mean to sound discouraging, but if you’ve ever dealt with anxiety and depression, I’m sure you can relate.

We are creating what we experience daily, whether we are in a good mood or not. The truth is, you can feel “low” but still work on making changes in your assumptions.  As you begin to do so, and if you stick with it, the way you feel will eventually change.  It worked for me once I decided to be consistent. That is, once I stopped assuming I would always be plagued by anxiety or depression.


The assumptions we create can often be deep-rooted, and you may not even realize you have certain assumptions about various things.  For instance, a few months ago, I ran the air conditioner and had a brief thought about my electric bill.  I realized I had an assumption that if I run the air, then my electric bill will go up.  However, if you change an assumption and persist in the assumption, then it will harden into fact.

My electric bill has been lowered in the past few months despite running the air or heat. That is because I no longer believe that my bill will go up.  It sounds simple and maybe unrealistic, but five is a try. Change your beliefs and persist.

For example, if you assume that crowds will make you anxious, then you will be anxious.  If you create the assumption that you enjoy crowds and you persist, then eventually, you will enjoy crowds.  If you constantly say you are depressed, then guess what, you will be depressed.  That was me!  Boy, did I ever identify myself with those labels for four decades?

Raising Your Vibration

Now, when it comes to raising your vibration, there is a lot of information available on why you need to do it, but it can be not easy to stay in a positive mood 100% of the time. Even with I AM affirmations and practicing gratitude, remaining in a “high vibration” isn’t sustainable.  Think about it.

Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with wanting to be in a “higher vibration,” which is just a specific state of consciousness.  However, as I mentioned previously, you do not have to be in “a high vibration” to overcome anxiety, depression, or anything else for that matter.  If that were the case, then I would not be where I am today, free of anxiety and depression.


Lynna K Teer, Manifesting

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