January 9

The Grander Plan

I saw a quote along with a beautiful image posted to Instagram. The quote was “Perhaps you thought you weren’t good enough? The truth was you were overqualified.” Think about that for a moment. “Perhaps, when you thought you weren’t good enough, the truth was, you were overqualified.” The image was one of a woman and her body was lit up like the cosmos, she had a beautiful blue body with the cosmos contained within it. The image resonated with me because for the majority of my life up until my late thirties, early forties, where I didn’t feel worthy or good enough. I always felt out of place. That seems so long ago now. It was a different timeline, a different me.

I understand now, as I have awakened, with the experiences I’m going through now, and with the ascension process, evolving states of consciousness. There is a deep, deep sense of peace that I feel now. I have come to a place of complete authenticity that I have embraced. In this state, I am able to love myself unconditionally, know exactly what I want and speak the truth of who I am, and share my experiences. I am also in a state of being able to observe life, observe everything in my awareness and understand that there is no causation outside of self. All of the previous pieces of life have come and are still coming together. It is absolutely beautiful.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, not all of the moments have been beautiful. There were a lot of struggles, but it was all leading me to where I am now. If I had known that I would experience what I am experiencing now, when I was a child, a teenager, even up until my mid-forties; I could have changed the way that I saw things, the way that I spoke, and the way that I felt about myself many years ago. However, I understand now that things resonate with us when we are ready when they are meant to resonate with us. Because before we agree to incarnate here on Earth, we make certain agreements about the experiences that we’re going to have. Therefore, there is an appointed time, a divine timing, to awakening.

If you were to read scripture; which is something I talk about on my YouTube channel as well; there are passages that mention divine timing. I have experiences to back up various passages which is why I’m able to talk about these things. If you’re reading this post and any part of it resonates then that is not a coincidence. I would like you to know that the way you think and feel about yourself matters. The words that you speak matter. There is no causation outside of self and if you are able to look at everything in your life and observe without judgment, you will realize that you can change everything internally through your thoughts, your feelings, your assumptions. etc.

Over time, thoughts turn into beliefs. So, if you have certain thoughts and assumptions for long enough, they eventually turn into beliefs. But, if you can observe things now and understand that concept, then you can begin to change the trajectory of your life. Everything has a divine purpose, divine timing, so recognizing what you’re going through and understanding that there is a purpose to it is the first step. If you can pull yourself out of the trenches of whatever you are going through, if you are dealing with unlovely circumstances; and simply observe then eventually, you can get to a point of seeing the beauty in life. I am able to do that now. I am able to look back and see how the pieces of the puzzle fit and it is so beautiful, it is so interesting.

Awareness and Observation

Awareness and the ability to observe are so important. Choose the state of consciousness that you want to occupy. If you are struggling with something right now, you can choose a different state. It is within your power to choose a state of being financially free of being healthy, of being in a beautiful relationship, whatever it is you want. But in order to do that, it is so important to be able to observe what you’re going through now, without judging it and reacting to circumstances. It takes practice. But I want you to know and especially those of you who may be dealing with anxiety and depression, if you are dealing with or have dealt with any kind of abuse, just know those things do not define who you are, that is not who you are.

Whatever reasons, whatever beliefs that have been instilled within you, whatever internally that you have experienced from the moment of birth that placed you on your current trajectory, can be changed. You are not limited, you are not this limited being in this human body, you are simply here having an experience and if you are here and you are struggling know that you have a divine purpose. You have a higher purpose because that is who you are, that is your true nature. But you’ve got to find that within yourself, it is there. I promise you!


As we come to you, those of us who have awakened, those of us who are old souls, and our purpose here is to teach or express. Some do so through speaking, some through writing, some through art, and some through music. There are codes within the frequency of our words that are meant for you as part of your awakening journey. When things resonate with you, it is all part of the awakening journey, your higher purpose.

Don’t get caught up in where you are now, in the struggle because you can be, do, and have anything that you want. Not all things will be easy. Life was not meant to be easy, but we chose here to be here to have these experiences. Individually, our souls, our true selves beyond this physical body chose to have experiences in order to awaken. It is all one grand play; all one grand experiment and you are here to experience. You are not alone, and you are not limited by what you see and what you are currently experiencing. So, take what resonates with you and leave the rest. I wish you so much peace and abundant blessings. Because I know what’s in store for you; not individually but on a grander scale; what is in store for humanity and those destined to awaken at this time.


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