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Spiritual Significance of Waking at 2 am


Spiritual Significance

What is the spiritual significance of waking at 2 am? It may be spiritually significant for you. Since my awakening in March of 2018, I have often woken up at the same time each morning for extended periods of time.  Initially, I began waking up at 3 am every morning. Then, waking at 2 am became the norm. This has been a pattern that has been going on for 4 years so it doesn’t even phase me now. Let me share a recent experience with you.

The date was January 30th, 2021. I was asleep but I heard and felt a familiar thumping sensation. It wasn’t the first time so it took a few moments before the sensation woke me up.  Every time I have had this experience, it has happened on the right side of my head.  It has happened so often that I have lost count. Occasionally it sounds and feels like tapping rather than thumping.  However, most often it has been a thumping sensation. When it first started happening it scared me a bit; I didn’t know what was happening. However, the phrase from the Bible “Knock and the door will be opened” gave me peace of mind.

On this particular night, January 30, I also found myself waking at 2 am to the sound of a doorbell. I get woken up by the sound of doorbells all of the time. It’s been happening for about four years. Waking up to the sound of doorbells and knocking is normal for me now.  As I mentioned before, I initially woke up at 3 am every morning.  Then I began to wake up between 3 am – 4 am. 

This is not a coincidence; each number has specific energy to it. We are awakening and the veil is being lifted. As the veil is being lifted, we are receiving divine messages from higher dimensions, from the source (God), the Elohim. They may not make sense right now but eventually, they will.

The Number Two

In this case, the number two (Shtayim [f], shnayim [m]) in Hebrew, the language of the ancient storytellers of the Bible, means union with God.  The definition given is a divide, difference, oppose, judge, discern, witness, conflict, blessing, abundance, couple, and dying to self.  The mystical, awakened definition is union with God. The two represent the conscious mind (the mind of man) and the subconscious mind (the mind of Christ).

The numbers 3 and 4 have spiritual significance too. I’ve discussed those in previous posts. So, if you are waking at 2 am on a consistent basis, or even at 3 or 4 am, then pay attention. Are you having recurring or mystical dreams, hearing bells or ringing in the ears, and how do you feel waking up at these times? 

Each individual journey of awakening is different. The more aware you are of the types of experiences you are having, the easier it becomes to recognize the patterns.  Eventually, you will begin to understand what the experiences and patterns symbolize in your life. I recommend keeping track of your dreams and experiences to reflect back on.

Awareness is key to understanding why you are waking at 2 am and the experiences you may be having. If you would like to know more about dreams or would like to start tracking your experiences, I do offer a collection of digital dream journals.

I also offer a free discovery call and coaching to help individuals understand what they are experiencing and the spiritual significance that may be occurring.  What does waking up at 2 am mean for you?


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