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About Answered Prayer

In this course, you will be introduced to Neville Goddard's lecture titled "Answered Prayer. "Neville tells us that unless we believe that we receive, our prayer will not be answered. A prayer granted implies that something is done in consequence of the prayer which otherwise would not have been done.

Prayer is the elevation of the mind to that which we seek. The very first word of correction is always “arise.” Always lift the mind to that which we seek. Creativeness is not an act of will, but deeper receptiveness. The acceptance of the answered prayer – finds the means for its realization.

We must act on the assumption that we already possess that which we desire, for all that we desire is already present within us. The secret of success is found in the word “perseverance.” The soul imagining itself into the act, takes on the results of the act. Our prayers are answered by the powers we invoke not by those we exert.


Lynna K Teer is a spiritual teacher and life and manifestation coach. After finding Neville Goddards' teachings in March 2019, she profoundly awakened. She has had many of the experiences Neville speaks about in his lectures. To hear more about her experiences, check out her channel.

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