January 2

Enduring Suffering


Enduring suffering is what some of us do on this journey through life. It is necessary to awaken. I was sitting here today and thinking about my journey, the things that I’ve been through, and really my purpose now. And for those of you who don’t follow my YouTube channel, and if you don’t, I’d highly recommend it. I talk about mystical experiences, past life regression, the journey of awakening, scripture, manifesting, and things like that. So, if you were to go over to my YouTube channel and go back to my original videos back in 2018; you will notice that I talked a lot about overcoming anxiety and depression. I thought I was going to get into that, that mindset work of what it takes to overcome anxiety and depression. At the time that is all that I thought I was going to talk about. But then I had my awakening experience.

I realize now that I’ve been on this journey my entire life. As an old soul, I have had many incarnations. I won’t get too deep into past life regression or even old souls today but there is a lot I’ve started to remember. It is part of the process of awakening and this remembering is mentioned in scripture. From my very first video and blog posts until now, the progression is evident. What I thought my purpose of talking about overcoming anxiety and depression has turned into sharing my journey of awakening. I now have an understanding of who I am, truly, who I am, and what I am here to do. It’s an interesting progression, to say the least.

In this post, which is a topic I recently discussed on my Podcast, I want to talk to those of you who are currently going through difficult situations. If you’re dealing with anxiety and depression, or, if you are going through difficult circumstances then know that you can change the circumstances. Even If you have gone through an awakening but are in the beginning stages where things still seem fairly confusing; it won’t stay that way. Perhaps you expected the awakening experience to be, all bliss and for things to be easy. I know I did but, it is a process so be patient with yourself, be kind, loving, and forgiving of yourself and others.

Healing Past Karma

So, I want to address a few of those things. One of the things that I want to mention first is over probably the past four or five days, I have really felt deep exhaustion in my body that I don’t think I have ever felt before. Except in times of being ill and physically just exhausted, but at the same time, I have been in such a deep state of peace and neutrality. I mentioned this in one of the previous podcast episodes that I was thinking about the fact that I am an old soul. I know now that I am a lightworker. The world is full of lightworkers. You may be one as well, especially if this content resonates with you. I am here, and I am awakening at this moment in time to not only heal my own karma but also to remember who I am, remembering my previous incarnations. But I realized that some of this exhaustion is that I am still really releasing deep-rooted beliefs.

Early on in childhood I always had a feeling, a deep sense of not belonging. I was very philosophical at an early age and did not feel understood. Then I entered those deep stages of dealing with anxiety, depression, poverty, sexual abuse, and mental abuse. I did not understand why though. My stepfather told me on many occasions that I was crazy. I often sat in my room and write or draw. I was a loner and again, just did not feel like I belonged anywhere. For the longest time, I was afraid to get help for the anxiety or depression because I didn’t want to be labeled as crazy by anyone else.

My point is, as I look back at everything I experienced; as I look back at the poverty, and at the time, not understanding my parents and why they were the way they were, now, I understand. I went through all of that, but at the same time, had this innate knowing deep down that there was a higher purpose, there was a reason for the suffering. However, I didn’t know how to get out of it at the time. It was 47 years before I really began to figure that out. So, not knowing how to get out of it at the time but having this innate knowing deep down and that there was a purpose to all it is, that I was meant for something great, I have a purpose was what kept me alive. Now, all of the pieces are coming together, and it all makes sense.

So again, for those of you who are dealing with difficult situations, and you feel like things are happening to you, just know that you’re meant for something greater. There is more to life than what you are going through at this moment. I want to let you know to not give up hope. When I was younger, actually even through my adult life up into my late thirties, quite often there were times I was suicidal. It was difficult to go through I, but I always thought to myself “no, there’s something more I can’t give up now,” even though I wanted to, “I can’t give up now.” If you’re going through any of these things. Do not give up because you are not going to remain where you are. If you do not want to remain where you are then you will not remain where you are. Know what you want. persist in that knowing and you are going to get through it because there is a higher purpose at play in your life. Your true self, your higher self, which is God, its source, it is energy, it is all love, however, you want to describe it, and it is pure love.

Getting Through Difficult Times

Tap into that love, it is always there even if you don’t think you feel it, it is there. Learn how to move through what you are currently dealing with and know that you are moving through things for a purpose. These are lessons you must learn to awaken. Perhaps you need to clear past memories, past trauma, past karma from previous incarnations – from previous lives, which I understand some of you may not quite grasp that concept right now; that it is okay. But the main point I want to get across is that you will get through whatever you are currently going through if you want to get through it. You could choose to remain stuck where you are, or you could choose to want to get past it. And if that is what you choose, you will get past it. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a timeframe. This is your experience and your individual journey. But don’t give up.

There are manifesting techniques that you could use; affirmations, journaling, meditation, and other tools that could help you. You have to want to get there, and you have to be okay with enduring the difficulty that comes with clearing old beliefs; with facing the shadows of the systems you have been taught to believe, in order to learn the lessons and embody higher states of consciousness. As you awaken, you begin to ascend, and you will feel it. I can feel it now with what is happening within my physical body and obviously, within my mental body (there are various aspects of the body). There are so many things going on right now. It is absolutely undeniable.

The awakening process and the ascension process are not all bliss, but you will get through it if you want to get through it. Whatever it is that you’re going through, just don’t give up. That is the main thing I wanted to get across today. So, if you can get to a point, and I mentioned this in a previous podcast episode if you’re able to step back and just observe and be objective about what’s going on, it’s going to make the process much easier. Step back and observe instead of remaining in the trenches. Observe the heaviness of what you’re going through and feel the frustration or the anxiety or the feelings of being lost. Observe and move through it by understanding it is a process and the sooner you learn to observe and move through it, the quicker you will release what needs to be released, learn what needs to be learned. If you can pull yourself out of those trenches; whether it’s a couple of minutes a day, or 20 minutes a day; the more often you’re able to do it, to pull yourself out of that, the better you’re going to feel in those moments. The more moments you have a feeling better, the more momentum you’re going to gain. So, again, you will get through it if you want to get through it. You can choose to remain where you are, but I do hope that you will not choose to remain where you are because you are a divine being and you have all the power within you to change the trajectory of your life.


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