March 3

Awareness – Once You Awake There is No Going Back


Awakening and understanding awareness changes everything. A year ago, I got over my fear of talking about my experiences with overcoming anxiety and depression.  When I created my blog and YouTube channel, I thought I had a plan, and although I had almost completed my book, I wondered why it felt unfinished.  I was on my way to fulfilling a purpose, or so I thought.

After finally, fully grasping the idea that we are all part of the same consciousness, all the same God who is asleep within us all, occupying these garments of flesh we all wear, my purpose shifted.  It shifted because I now know that our purpose (all of us) is to fully awake to realize who we truly are.

The Desire vs. Purpose

Writing about my experiences, overcoming anxiety, and depression was a desire.  Grant it, a desire that started as a child but a desire nonetheless, not a purpose.  My purpose is to awake, just as your purpose is to awake from this dream of life.  If what I am saying now does not resonate with you, I promise you one day it will. Additionally, if you are reading this, something led you here, so perhaps ask yourself why?

I never thought I would be writing about awareness and awakening, much less because God is within us and not a being outside of us. But here I am writing about those very things. The fact is, it makes it a bit difficult to bring up the old story, the story of someone who struggled for 40+ years with depression and anxiety.

No Going Back

There is a part of me who does not want to revisit the story. However, I know it is necessary to continue to share my experiences because they have brought me to this moment.  Many people struggle and don’t know why, but there is a reason, and once it’s understood, the work can be done to stop the struggle.

Once one understands that the purpose is to awake, once it resonates, you start to look at everything in your awareness differently.  When that happens it there is no going back.









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