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A Dream About Lions

A Dream About Lions


A Dream About Lions

The first time I had a dream about lions was in November of 2019. In the dream, I was inside a building that contained a large glass lion enclosure.  Inside the enclosure were two lions. One of the lions had its paws around the neck of a small child as though the lion was going to devour the child.  Suddenly, everyone else outside of the enclosure started running and screaming.

At that moment the glass disappeared. The lions escaped and the small child was gone.  When I woke up from the dream, my first thought was “Daniel and the Lion’s Den” from the book of Daniel in the Bible.  However, I read the book of Daniel the following day and received no further revelation.

The next time I had a dream about lions, it became clear that I was receiving a divine message.  Many of my dreams have correlated with the stories in scripture, just like Neville Goddard, William Blake, and others. I often dream in a series of three dreams at a time.  However, I have also seen patterns of dreaming three similar dreams months apart.  An example is a series of dreams and a vision I had of snakes (the Golden Serpent).  

There is an interesting pattern. I had three dreams about snakes and a vision. I have had three dreams about lions and a vision. There is value in dreams, there are messages and divine revelation. The patterns, at first are like puzzle pieces. Eventually, those pieces fit together and the beauty of the message unfolds.

Reflecting on the dream

A dream about lions may mean something different for everyone.  However, in my case, in this dream, the two lions represent the old man and the new.  There is one aspect of man, the mind of Christ that represents God’s might and power.  There is another aspect that represents the mind of man that plunders, gathers, and hoards the knowledge and beliefs imposed upon us prior to awakening.

In this dream about lions, the lion devouring the child represents the mind of Christ.  The child is me, a reflection of my former self (the old man) that has been devoured, or rather, consumed by the power and wisdom of God.

The individuals running and screaming represent man in a profound state of sleep.  The man that does not understand the truth of the Word of God. Man does not believe and runs the other way. I’ve experienced this.  As I continue to have experiences that are more mystical in nature, the less I speak about these things to those closest to me. I get it though, because if there are things I’ve experienced that I would not have understood four years ago.  I have often said that the truth is only known by experience. 

To some, a dream about lions may seem scary.  A dream about lions may represent an actual trip to the zoo.  Personally, if I had made a trip to the zoo in the days before or after any of my dreams involving lions, I would have made that connection.  I am able to do that now and make the connection.

A dream about lions for me is about awakening, about understanding the power and wisdom of God. It is about dying to the old man.  As I mentioned previously, I have had many dreams about snakes.  The serpent represents the Spirit. The Lion represents the Power and Wisdom of God, which is personified as Jesus Christ in the Bible. Jesus is called the Lion of Judah in Revelation 5.5.


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